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Real-life economics : understanding wealth creation

edited by Paul Ekins and Manfred Max-Neef.
  • London ; New York : Routledge, 1992.
  • xxi, 460 pages : illustrations; 24 cm.
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  • Pt. I. On the Nature of the Economy and Economic Science. 1. Economics, knowledge and reality. The Economist's prejudice / Wolfgang Sachs. Economic science and political democracy / Alejandro Sanz de Santamaria. Abstraction, tendencies and stylized facts / Tony Lawson. 2. Economy, society and ethics. Rationality and the influence of institutions / Geoff Hodgson. The I & We paradigm / Amitai Etzioni. Socio-economic justice / John Oliver Wilson. 3. Economy and ecology. The economic functions of the environment / Roefie Hueting. Economics, equity and sustainable development / David Pearce. Coevolution of economy, society and environment / Richard Norgaard. 4. Living economics in perspective. Humanistic economics: history and basic principles / Mark Lutz
  • Pt. II. On Economic Activity, Progress and Development. 5. Seeing the whole economy. The household in the total economy / Jane Wheelock. The modern economy as a service economy: the production of utilization value / Orio Giarini.
  • A four-capital model of wealth creation / Paul Ekins. 6. Progress and development. Bygone splendour / Wolfgang Sachs. Poor not different / Wolfgang Sachs. A humanistic approach to socio-economic development / Mark Lutz. People's self-development / Anisur Rahman. 7. Human needs and aspirations. The economics of the satisfaction of needs / Mario Kamenetzky. Development and human needs / Manfred Max-Neef. Sustainable livelihoods: the poor's reconciliation of environment and development / Robert Chambers. 8. Indicators of development. Constructing an indicator framework. Environmental and resource accounting / Oyvind Lone. Growth, environment and national income: theoretical problems and a practical solution / Roefie Hueting. Measuring households' non-monetary production / Luisella Goldschmidt-Clermont. Social indicators for real life economics / Ian Miles. Development: evaluation and decision-making / Peter Soderbaum
  • Pt. III. On the Mechanisms of Economic Policy. 9. Markets, ethics and competition.
  • Competitive systems: a sociological view / Mitchel Abolafia and Nicole Biggart. Towards a progressive market / Paul Ekins. 10. Three levels of state action. The evolution of a development thought: facing up to global interdependence / Paul Streeten. The enabling (and disabling) state / Geoff Mulgan and Helen Wilkinson. Popular planning in practice / Maureen Mackintosh and Hilary Wainwright. 11. Direct provision in the social economy. A new direction for community development in the United States / Severyn Bruyn. Beyond welfare / Peter Beresford and Suzy Croft. Changing neighborhoods / Tony Gibson. People's participation: reconciling growth with equity / Ponna Wignaraja. 12. Achieving sustainability. The practical implications of sustainable development / David Pearce. Sustainability first / Paul Ekins.
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