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A History of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Mark Tessler.
  • Bloomington : Indiana University Press, ©1994.
  • xvii, 906 pages : maps ; 25 cm.
  • Pt. I. Jews and Arabs before the Conflict: The Congruent Origins of Modern Zionism and Arab Nationalism. 1. Jewish History and the Emergence of Modern Political Zionism. 2. Arab History and the Origins of Nationalism in the Arab World
  • Pt. II. Emergence and History of the Conflict to 1948. 3. The Conflict Takes Shape. 4. The Dual Society in Mandatory Palestine
  • Pt. III. Routinization of the Conflict, 1948-1967. 5. The Palestinian Disaster and Basic Issues after 1948. 6. Israel and the Arab States through June 1967
  • Pt. IV. The Palestinian Dimension Reemerges: From the June War through Camp David. 7. Postwar Diplomacy and the Rise of the Palestine Resistance Movement. 8. Israel, the Palestinians, and the Occupied Territories in the 1970s
  • Pt. V. The High Price of Stalemate: Confrontations between Israel and the Palestinians in the 1980s. 9. Violent Confrontations in the Early 1980s. 10. Futile Diplomacy in the Mid-1980s. 11. The Intifada and Beyond
  • Epilogue: The Beginning of the End?
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 857-888) and index.
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