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Everyday sexism : in the third millennium

edited by Carol Rambo Ronai, Barbara A. Zsembik, Joe R. Feagin.
  • New York : Routledge, 1997.
  • 242 pages ; 24 cm.
  • 1. Introduction: Living with Everyday Sexism in the Third Millennium
  • Pt. I. Identity as a Gendered Space. 2. Growing Up In/Between the Lines / Andreana Clay. 3. Everyday [Hetero]sexism: Strategies of Resistance and Lesbian Couples / Christine Michele Robinson. 4. Sexual Harassment from the Perspective of Asian-American Women / Edith Wen-Chu Chen. 5. Tuna Memos and Pissing Contests: Doing Gender and Male Dominance on the Internet / Kimberly J. Cook and Phoebe M. Stambaugh
  • Pt. II. The Body as a Gendered Space. 6. Autoethnography on Memory: Disclosure and Silence / Tammy Ko Robinson. 7. Wife Abuse and Family Idealizations: The Violent Regulation of Family Regimes / Dorothy E. Smith. 8. Discursive Constraint in the Narrated Identities of Childhood Sex Abuse Survivors / Carol Rambo Ronai. 9. Defining the Situation: Sexual Harassment or Everyday Rudeness? / Melissa J. Monson
  • Pt. III. The Political/Economic Arena as a Gendered Space.
  • 10. Black Women, Sexism, and Racism: Experiencing Double Jeopardy / Yanick St. Jean and Joe R. Feagin. 11. Higher Education as Gendered Space: Asian-American Women and Everyday Inequities / Shirley Hune. 12. The Gendered Spaces in Ethnopolitical Life: Social Identities and Political Activism among Chicanos / Barbara A. Zsembik. 13. Which "We" Are We? The Politics of Identity in Women's Narratives / Barbara Ellen Smith. 14. Sexual Harassment Protection for Whom? The Case of Women in Part-Time, Temporary, and Independent Contractor Employment / Dula J. Espinosa.
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