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The clash : a history of U.S.-Japan relations

Walter LaFeber.
  • New York : W.W. Norton & Company, ©1997.
  • 1st ed.
  • xxii, 508 pages : illustrations maps ; 24 cm.
  • "When Commodore Matthew Perry sailed into Tokyo harbor in July 1853, opening Japan to the West, Americans and Japanese immediately began to clash with each other. For the past century, this clash has focused especially on which nation would take the lead in developing China's economic potential. The relationship between the United States and Japan and the competition over China remain immensely important, highly explosive, and little understood on either side of the Pacific." "Walter LaFeber, one of America's leading historians, has written the first book to tell the entire story. Using a full array of American and Japanese sources, LaFeber provides the history to understand these long-rooted differences, bringing us to the present-day tensions in U.S.-Japanese trade talks, the vicissitudes of rearming Japan, Japan's continuing importance in financing America's huge deficit, and the looming economic shadow of China - not only the world's most populous century but certain to be the next economic superpower."--BOOK JACKET.
  • I. Irresistible Force, Immovable Object
  • II. Joining the Club (1868-1900)
  • III. Turn (1900-1912)
  • IV. Revolution, War, and Race (1912-1920)
  • V. Creating the New Era: From Washington to Mukden (1921-1931)
  • VI. Slipknot: Part 1 From Mukden ...
  • VII. Slipknot: Part 2 ... to Pearl Harbor
  • VIII. World War II: The Clash Over Two Visions
  • IX. To Create a New Japan: Reforming, Reversing, Warring (1945-1951)
  • X. 1950s: The Pivotal Decade
  • XI. "Miracle" Appears; China Reappears (1960-1973)
  • XII. End of an Era (Since 1973)
  • Conclusion. The Clash: The Present in Retrospect.
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 461-480) and index.
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