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A history of key characteristics in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

by Rita Steblin. [ Steblin, Rita. ]
Book, Print in English , 1996
  • Rochester, N.Y. : University of Rochester Press, 1996.
  • 1878822624 (alk. paper)
  • 1. Ancient Greeks and the Doctrine of Ethos
  • 2. Medieval-Renaissance Modes and Their Affects
  • 3. Transition from Modality to Tonality: Early French Key Characterizations
  • 4. Johann Mattheson and the Early 18th-Century German Approach to Key Characteristics
  • 5. Rameau and Rousseau: Equal Temperament versus Unequal Temperament
  • 6. Marpurg versus Kirnberger: The Tuning Controversy in Germany
  • 7. Psychological Factors: The Sharp-Flat Principle
  • 8. Physical Factors: The Properties of Instruments
  • 9. Tradition and Key Characteristics in the Early 19th Century
  • A. Catalogue of Characteristics Imputed to Keys
  • B. Original Language of Lengthy Key Descriptions: Mattheson, J. J. Wagner, Schrader, Schilling, Hand
  • C. Original Language of Translated Excerpts.
Other information:
  • Originally published 1981.
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. [375]-388) and index.
Identifying numbers:
  • LCCN: 95043922 /MN
  • OCLC: 33333545