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Security communities

edited by Emanuel Adler and Michael Barnett.
  • Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998.
  • xiii, 462 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Security communities in theoretical perspective : Emanuel Adler and Michael Barnett / A framework for the study of security communities : Emanuel Adler and Michael Barnett / Insecurity, security, and asecurity in the West European non-war community : Ole Weaver / Seeds of peaceful change: the OSCE's security community-building model : Emanuel Adler / Caravans in opposite direction: society, state and the development of a community in the Gulf Corporation Council : Michael Barnett and F. Gregory Gause III / Collective identity and conflict management in Southeast Asia : Amitav Acharya / An emerging security community in South America? : Andrew Hurrell / Australia and the search for a security community : Richard A. Higgott and Kim Richard Nossal / The United States and Mexico: a pluralistic security community? : Guadalupe Gonzalez and Stephan Haggard / No fences make good neighbors: the development of the US-Canadian security community, 1871-1940 / A neo-Kantian perspective: democracy, interdependence and international organization in building security communities : Bruce Russett / International communities, secure or otherwise : Charles Tilly / Studying security communities in theory, comparison, and history : Michael Barnett and Emanuel Adler.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 0521630517 (hardback)
  • 0521639530 (pbk.)
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  • LCCN: 98010384
  • OCLC: 38431529

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