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Interdigitations : essays for Irmengard Rauch

edited by Gerald F. Carr, Wayne Harbert, & Lihua Zhang.
  • New York : P. Lang, ©1999.
  • xxi, 762 pages : 1 illustrations; 24 cm.
  • "Interdigitations speaks appropriately to Irmengard Rauch's lifelong dedication to the study of Germanic Linguistics and the interdigitation of linguistics with semiotics. Professor Rauch's colleagues and students from around the world offer the sixty-nine articles comprising Interdigitations."--BOOK JACKET.
  • I. Pre-Indo-European and Indo-European
  • Traces of Indo-European medical magic in an Old English charm / Vyacheslav V. Ivanov
  • Remarks on some British place names / Theo Vennemann gen. Nierfeld
  • II. Germanic
  • "Jespersen's Cycle": The evidence from Germanic / Werner Abraham
  • Mother reveals why intervocalic coronals misbehave / Charles M. Barrack
  • English - A Germanic language? / Frederic G. Cassidy
  • On the semiotics of Germanic alliterative verse / Lee Forester
  • Fernassimilation: Germanic palatal umlaut and breaking / Yuri Kleiner
  • English F-word and its kin / Anatoly Liberman
  • "shaping" of German Farbe: Cathedral renovations and the rebuilding of an etymology / Albert L. Lloyd
  • Some comments on the vocabulary of emotion in Germanic / Edgar C. Polome
  • Wirdhu and the Germanic passive / Paul Valentin
  • III. Gothic
  • Mini-sound changes and etymology: Gothic bagms, mapl, and auhns / Garry W. Davis
  • On borrowing in Gothic: Broadening the research methodology / Frans van Coetsem
  • IV. Old Saxon
  • Interpretatio Christiana Saxonica: Redefinition for reeducation / James E. Cathey
  • Selections from an English translation of the Heliand / David A. Krooks
  • Mid alofatun: Secular beer, sacred ale / G. Ronald Murphy
  • Anacrusis in the meter of Heliand / Seiichi Suzuki
  • V. Old English
  • Evaluating the evidence for lengthening before homorganic consonant clusters in the Ormulwn / R. D. Fulk
  • Speech acts and the question of self in Alfred's Soliloquies / Eugene Green
  • Philology and the dynamics of manuscript glossing / Willard J. Rusch
  • Old English influence on the Danian language of J. R. R. Tolkien / Arden R. Smith
  • VI. Historical German
  • Old High German umlaut / Mervin R. Barnes
  • Wider den Stachel locken (lecken) / Werner Besch
  • Erino portun ih firchnussu / Wayne Harbert
  • Influence of early music theory on the syntax of Otfrid's five-book design: A preliminary report / Thomas E. Hart
  • Language attitudes in sixteenth and seventeenth century Germany / Robert L. Kyes
  • Middle Low German adverbial -liken, -likes, -lik / Paul H. Listen
  • On Notker's Anlautgesetz / B. Richard Page
  • VII. Modern German
  • On the grammatical status of the subjunctive in reported speech in German / John Ole Askedal
  • Intonation in German as iconic symbol / Dorothy M. Chun
  • Consonant strength and syllable structure in Swedish and Bavarian / Kurt Gustav Goblirsch
  • Binding conditions on case morphology in noun phrases / Enrique Mallen
  • On word order in German and Korean / Sang Hwan Seong
  • "Elefanteneier" - A tale as told in the Westfalian dialect of Nienberge / Richard K. Seymour
  • Vocabulary vs. grammar in beginning language instruction: An easy choice / Erwin Tschirner
  • VIII. International
  • Toda identified as a Dravidian language / Murray B. Emeneau
  • Mexican Semiotics: Past and present / Beatriz Garza Cuaron
  • Kinyarwanda causatives revisited / Alexandre Kimenyi
  • On institutional restriction of academic disciplines / You-Zheng Li
  • Flow charters: Analysis of literary discourse from East to West / Vilmos Voigt
  • Metaphorical thinking in Chinese shang and xia / Lihua Zhang
  • IX. Woman
  • Becoming a woman, becoming-woman / Tzvetana Kristeva
  • sign of goddess in Portuguese women / Monica Rector
  • Women in Semiotics / Thomas A. Sebeok and Susan Petrilli
  • X. Metalanguage
  • Semiotic preference structures in language / Wolfgang U. Dressler
  • Rhetoric of dialogue in German philosophy, literature, and linguistics / Ernest W. B. Hess-Luttich
  • From expressions for body parts to reflexive anaphors: Semantic change in the development of intensifiers / Ekkehard Konig
  • sign is still not arbitrary! (Some semiotic principles of language origin) / Jules F. Levin
  • Analysing interactional competence: On pragmatic and semiotic agreement / Els Oksaar
  • synesthon / W. C. Watt
  • XI. Philosophy
  • sublime poetic word: Three poems of Paul Celan / Eugen Baer
  • Between intellect and intuition: Saussure's "Anagrams" and the calculus of the auri-(ora-)cular / T. Craig Christy
  • On the origin of intentional systems / Jesper Hoffmeyer
  • On Peirce and Romance: Some tell-tale signs / Roberta Kevelson
  • Diagrammatism in the interstices / Floyd Merrell
  • Endo-/exogenic signs, fields and worlds / Eero Tarasti
  • XII. Literature
  • Integrating computer and multimedia technology into German literature courses / David Chisholm
  • Myth and literature / Jorgen Dines Johansen
  • possibility of extremes: Skins of a tale / W. G. Kudszus
  • Cognition, iconicity, and Blake's fearful symmetry / Winfried Noth
  • Narrator and intertextuality / Magdolna Orosz
  • XIII. Film, Music, Art
  • Some like it hot. Billy Wilder's virtuoso strategies of laughter and play / Alain J.-J. Cohen
  • Dali-Chavez Duet: Visual and verbal semiosis in The Virgin of Port Lligat / Ellen McCracken
  • Postmodernity and semiotics - Excellent adventure or bogus journey?: Bill and Ted meet Fukuyama and Baudrillard / William Pencak
  • On translating Bellman / John Weinstock
  • XIV. Politics and Law
  • Europe's linguistic diversity and the language policy of the European Union / Helga Bister-Broosen and Roland Willemyns
  • Dichtung and Rechtssprichworter im Recht - Poetry and proverbs in law in European and German history / Ingo J. Hueck
  • Semantic and pragmatic tests for libel: A case study in forensic semiotics / Norman Markel
  • Gadget loving details / Laurence A. Rickels
  • Irmengard Rauch: A bibliography of her writings.
Other information
  • "This collection of essays honors Irmengard Rauch on the occasion of her sixty-fifth birthday"--Pref.
  • "Irmengard Rauch, a bibliography of her writings": p. [745]-762.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • 0820438022
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  • LCCN: 98011473
  • OCLC: 38468500

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