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Dying for growth : global inequality and the health of the poor

edited by Jim Yong Kim ... [et al.].
  • Monroe, Me. : Common Courage Press, ©2000.
  • xix, 584 pages : illustrations; 23 cm.
  • Foreword / Paul Farmer
  • Pt. I. Introduction to the Problem
  • Ch. 1. Introduction: What is Growing? Who is Dying? / Joyce V. Millen, Alec Irwin and Jim Yong Kim
  • Ch. 2. Getting a Grip on the Global Economy / John Gershman and Alec Irwin
  • Ch. 3. Terms Reconsidered: Decoding Development Discourse / Aaron Shakow and Alec Irwin
  • Pt. II. Growth Strategies, State Restructuring, and the Health of the Poor
  • Ch. 4. Hypocrisies of Development and the Health of the Haitian Poor / Paul Farmer and Didi Bertrand
  • Ch. 5. Theoretical Therapies, Remote Remedies: SAPs and the Political Ecology of Poverty and Health in Africa / Brooke G. Schoepf, Claude Schoepf and Joyce V. Millen
  • Ch. 6. Sickness Amidst Recovery: Public Debt and Private Suffering in Peru / Jim Yong Kim, Aaron Shakow and Jaime Bayona / [et al.]
  • Ch. 7. Neoliberal Economic Policy, "State Desertion," and the Russian Health Crisis / Mark G. Field, David M. Kotz and Gene Bukhman
  • Pt. III. Powerful Players, Harmful Consequences: Transnational Corporations, Inequality, and Health
  • Ch. 8. Dying for Growth, Part I: Transnational Corporations and the Health of the Poor / Joyce V. Millen and Timothy H. Holtz
  • Ch. 9. Dying for Growth, Part II: The Political Influence of National and Transnational Corporations / Joyce V. Millen, Evan Lyon and Alec Irwin
  • Ch. 10. Tragedy Without End: The 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster / Timothy H. Holtz
  • Ch. 11. Neoliberal Trade and Investment and the Health of Maquiladora Workers on the U.S.-Mexico Border / Joel Brenner, Jennifer Ross and Janie Simmons / [et al.]
  • Pt. IV. Illicit Growth: U.S. Drug Policy and Global Inequality
  • Ch. 12. Drug War in Perspective / Arnold Chien, Margaret Connors and Kenneth Fox
  • Pt. V. Alternatives to the Agenda
  • Ch. 13. "The Threat of a Good Example": Health and Revolution in Cuba / Aviva Chomsky
  • Ch. 14. Smoke and Mirrors of Health Reform in El Salvador: Community Health NGOs and the Not-So-Neoliberal State / Sandy Smith-Nonini
  • Ch. 15. Conclusion: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will / Joyce V. Millen, Alec Irwin and Jim Yong Kim
  • Ch. 16. Pragmatic Solidarity / Heena Patel, Joyce V. Millen and Evan Lyon.
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