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Innovation in Chinese medicine

edited by Elisabeth Hsu.
  • Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.
  • xv, 426 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Medical Subjects
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  • In the West, ideas about Chinese medicine are commonly associated with traditional therapies and ancient practices which have been in place, unchanging, since time immemorial. This volume demonstrates that this is far from reality. Twelve contributors, from a range of disciplines, explore the history of Chinese medicine and the transformations that have taken place during the course of that history from the fourth century BC to the present day.
  • note: Pt. I Mai and qi in the Western Han
  • 1. influence of nurturing life culture on the development of Western Han acumoxa therapy / Vivienne Lo
  • 2. Pulse diagnostics in the Western Han: how mai and qi determine bing / Elisabeth Hsu
  • Pt. II Correlative cosmologies
  • 3. Iatromancy, diagnosis, and prognosis in Early Chinese medicine / Donald H. Harper
  • 4. system of the five circulatory phases and the six seasonal influences (wuyun liuqi), a source of innovation in medicine under the Song (960-1279) / Catherine Despeux
  • Pt. III Dietetics and pharmacotherapy
  • 5. Dietetics in Tang China and the first extant works of materia dietetica / Ute Engelhardt
  • 6. Song innovation in pharmacotherapy: some remarks on the use of white arsenic and flowers of arsenic / Frederick Obringer
  • Pt. IV canons revisited in Late Imperial China
  • 7. Bencao gangmu of Li Shizhen: an innovation in natural history? / Georges Metailie
  • 8. Robust northerners and delicate southerners: the nineteenth century invention of a southern medical tradition / Marta Hanson
  • Pt. V Medical case histories
  • 9. Yi'an [actual symbol not reproducible] (case statements): the origins of a genre of Chinese medical literature / Christopher Cullen
  • 10. From case records to case histories: the modernisation of a Chinese medical genre, 1912-49 / Bridie J. Andrews
  • Pt. VI Medical rationale in the People's Republic
  • 11. new, scientific, and unified medicine: civil war in China and the new acumoxa, 1945-49 / Kim Taylor
  • 12. Shaping Chinese medicine: two case studies from contemporary China / Volker Scheid.
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