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L'art baroque

  • 16 leaves.
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    MS.0437 Box 1 c. 1
Also known as
  • Published version of text known as: Sur le baroque
  • Also known as: Jean Paul Sartre Manuscript, Ms. 437
  • Archives.
  • The collection consists of the unpublished manuscript "L'art baroque."
Other information
  • Text later transcribed and published by Christian Delacampagne in the journal "Les temps modernes," nos. 632-634, July-Oct. 2005, under the title Sur le baroque.
  • Cite as: Jean-Paul Sartre Manuscript, Ms. 437, Special Collections, The Johns Hopkins University.
  • Gift of Michael S. Koppisch; 2003.
  • Historical information: Jean-Paul Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher, dramatist and novelist.
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  • OCLC: 54514740
  • OCLC: 54514740