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Injury and violence prevention : behavioral science theories, methods, and applications

Andrea Carlson Gielen, David A. Sleet, Ralph J. DiClemente, editors.
  • San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, ©2006.
  • 1st ed.
  • xxxix, 534 pages : illustrations; 25 cm.
Medical Subjects
  • 1. Injury prevention and behavior : an evolving field / Andrea Carlson Gielen and David A. Sleet
  • 2. Individual-level behavior change models : applications to injury problems / David A. Sleet, Lara B. Trifiletti, Andrea Carlson Gielen and Bruce Simons-Morton
  • 3. application of social cognitive theory to injury prevention / Bruce Simons-Morton and Tonja Nansel
  • 4. Community models and approaches for interventions / Andrea Carlson Gielen, David A. Sleet and Lawrence W. Green
  • 5. Health risk communication and injury prevention / Deborah C. Girasek
  • 6. Ecological models for the prevention and control of unintentional injury / John P. Allegrante, Ray Marks and Dale W. Hanson
  • 7. Planning models : PRECEDE-PROCEED and Haddon matrix / Kimberley Freire and Carol W. Runyan
  • 8. Study methods for understanding injury behavior / Nancy J. Thompson
  • 9. Intervention research and program evaluation / John B. Lowe, Jingzhen Yang, Erin Heiden and Ralph J. DiClemente
  • 10. Behavior change interventions in road safety / Lawrence P. Lonero, Kathryn M. Clinton and David A. Sleet
  • 11. Modifying alcohol use to reduce motor vehicle injury / Ralph Hingson and David A. Sleet
  • 12. Behavioral considerations for sports and recreational injuries in children and youth / Morag MacKay and Karen Liller
  • 13. House fires and other unintentional home injuries / Eileen M. McDonald and Andrea Carlson Gielen
  • 14. Occupational injury prevention and applied behavior analysis / E. Scott Geller
  • 15. Intimate partner violence / Karen A. McDonnell, Jessica G. Burke, Andrea Carlson Gielen and Patricia J. O'Campo
  • 16. Applying behavioral theory to self-directed violence / Alex E. Crosby, David W. Coombs and Leigh Willis
  • 17. Youth violence prevention : theory and practice / Darrell Hudson, Marc A. Zimmerman and Susan Morrel-Samuels
  • 18. Supervision as a behavioral approach to reducing child-injury risk / Barbara A. Morrongiello and Jennifer Lasenby
  • 19. Reducing posttraumatic stress after individual and mass trauma / Courtney Landau Fleisher and Nancy Kassam-Adams
  • 20. Law, behavior, and injury prevention / Frederic E. Shaw and Christopher P. Ogolla
  • 21. Human factors in product and environmental design for injury control / Bryan E. Porter and James P. Bliss
  • 22. Behavioral sciences, injury, and violence prevention : synthesis and future directions / Ralph J. DiClemente, Andrea Carlson Gielen and David A. Sleet
  • App. Federal injury and violence-related data systems / Joseph L. Annest and David A. Sleet.
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 501-505) and indexes.
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