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Frontiers of time : retrocausation - experiment and theory, San Diego, California, 20-22 June 2006

editor, Daniel P. Sheehan ; sponsoring organizations: University of San Diego, Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
  • Melville, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, 2006.
  • ix, 361 pages : illustrations; 25 cm
Also known as
  • FTR 2006
  • Are advanced potentials anomalous? / M. Ibison
  • Reverse causation and the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics / J. G. Cramer
  • Multiple interaction-free measurement as a challenge to the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics / A. C. Elitzur and S. Dolev
  • Schrodinger equation for joint bidirectional evolution in time / G. E. Hahne
  • Entropy and information transmission in causation and retrocausation / G. Moddel
  • arrow of time and the action of the mind at the molecular level / J. E. Burns
  • Retrocausation and the thermodynamic arrow of time / D. P. Sheehan
  • From the dynamics of coupled map lattices to the psychological arrow of time / H. Atmanspacher, T. Filk and H. Scheingraber
  • Investigation of a complex space-time metric to describe precognition of the future / E. A. Rauscher and R. Targ
  • Retrocausation or extant indefinite reality? / J. M. Houtkooper
  • Physics without causality - theory and evidence / R. Shoup
  • Psychophysiological evidence of possible retrocausal effects in humans / D. I. Radin
  • Harmonic oscillator model for radin's Markov-Chain experiments / D. P. Sheehan and J. H. Wright
  • Empirical research on the radical subjective solution of the measurement problem. Does time get its direction through conscious observation? / D. J. Bierman
  • Anomalous anticipatory responses in networked random data / R. D. Nelson and P. A. Bancel
  • Retrocausal information flow : what are the consequences of knowing the future? / Y. H. Dobyns
  • Self-organization of temporal structure - a possible solution for the intervention problem / W. von Lucadou
  • Purported evidence and feasible intepretations of retrocausation / F. Pallikari
  • Encounters at the frontiers of time : questions raised by anomalous human experiences / R. S. Broughton
  • Re-inventing the universe : how retrocausality, non-locality and consciousness studies subvert the understanding of nature in terms of object-like qualities / E. Bouratinos.
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  • "As one of sixteen symposia comprising the 87th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) ..."--p. IX
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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