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Antiquity recovered : the legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum

edited by Victoria C. Gardner Coates and Jon L. Seydl.
  • Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, 2007.
  • vii, 296 pages : illustrations(some colored), maps (some colored) ; 28 cm.
  • Natural marvels and ancient ruins : volcanism and the recovery of antiquity in early modern Naples / Sean Cocco
  • Subverting the secret of Herculaneum : archaeological espionage in the Kingdom of Naples / Alden R. Gordon
  • From art to archaeology : recontextualizing the images from the Porticus of Herculaneum / Tina Najbjerg
  • Four women from Stabiae : eighteenth-century antiquarian practice and the history of ancient Roman painting / Hérica Valladares
  • Hearing voices : the Herculaneum papyri and classical scholarship / James I. Porter
  • Picnic at Pompeii : hyperbole and digression in the warm south / Chloe Chard
  • The visible and the visual : Pompeii and Herculaneum in the Getty Research Institute collections / Claire L. Lyons and Marcia Reed
  • The Sentinel of Pompeii : an exemplum for the nineteenth century / Lee Behlman
  • Science or morbid curiosity? the casts of Giuseppe Fiorelli and the last days of romantic Pompeii / Eugene Dwyer
  • "A picture painted in fire" : Pain's re-enactments of the last days of Pompeii, 1879-1914 / Nick Yablon
  • Replicating Roman murals in Pompeii : archaeology, art, and politics in Italy of the 1920s / Elaine K. Gazda
  • Seeing women in the Villa of the Mysteries : a modern excavation of the Dionysiac murals / Bettina Bergmann
  • Odysseys of life and death in the Bay of Naples : Roberto Rossellini's Voyage in Italy and Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt / Jennie Hirsh.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 9780892368723 (hardback)
  • 0892368721 (hbk.)
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  • LCCN: 2006032188
  • OCLC: 71810100
  • OCLC: 71810100