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From Frankfurt to Jerusalem : Isaac Breuer and the history of the secession dispute in modern Jewish Orthodoxy

by Matthias Morgenstern.
  • Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2002.
  • xiv, 384 pages ; 24 cm.
Also known as
  • "During the German 'Kulturkampf' in the 1870s, the Frankfurt rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch enjoined all Jews of his community to exercise a right given by Prussian law: to withdraw from the united community which was dominated by Reform forces in order to belong only to a separate Orthodox community, founded according to Jewish law (Halakha)." "This work investigates the significance of these events for Orthodox Judaism in the twentieth century. Focussing on the philosophy of Isaac Breuer, the grandson of Hirsch, Frankfurt attorney, novelist and co-founder of the Orthodox world movement Agudat Israel, this book describes the dilemmas of observant Jewry vis-a-vis the secularist Zionist movement. It shows the genesis of modern Jewish Orthodoxy and helps to understand its activities, in a new 'Kulturkampf', in the state of Israel until today."--BOOK JACKET.
  • Pt. 1. Context
  • 1. Problem of Jewish Unity at the Turn of the Century
  • 2. Beginnings of the Mizrachi
  • 3. Beginnings of the Agudas Yisroel
  • 4. Independent Orthodoxy in World War I
  • 5. Mizrachi and Agudas Yisroel Between the Wars
  • Pt. 2. Frankfurt
  • 1. Samson Raphael Hirsch and the "Frankfurt Principle"
  • 2. "Frankfurt Narrative" as Historical Precedent
  • 2.1. Early History
  • 2.2. Persecution and Decline (Napoleon and the Reformers)
  • 2.3. Legitimate Revolution (The Revolt of the "Eleven Men")
  • 2.4. Struggle for Jewish Unity and Freedom (Bismarck, Lasker, Rothschild)
  • 3. "Model Community"
  • 4. "Torah-im-Derekh-Eretz"
  • 5. Halakha
  • Pt. 3. Interpreter
  • 1. Isaac Breuer: A Life of Contrasts
  • 1.1. Frankfurt
  • 1.2. "Yerusholayim"
  • 2. Intellectual Origins: Hirsch and Kant
  • 2.1. Concept of European and Mosaic Law
  • 2.2. Concept of the Jewish Community
  • 3. Anti-Zionist Philosophy of History: Hirsch and Herzl
  • 4. Alternative Zionist Ideology: Hirsch and Marx
  • 5. On the Road to Cooperation? (Hirsch and Kook). Index of Scriptural and Rabbinical Quotations.
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  • "Tuta Sub Aegide Pallas, 1683"--t.p.
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. [340]-373) and indexes.
  • Eisenhower copy: Purchased with funds from the Felix Posen Library Acquisitions Fund for Modern European Jewish History; FY2008.
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