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Tōrah Nevīʼīm ū-Khetūvīm be-lashōn ʼashkenaz

  • be-Amśṭerdam : be-dfus be-veyt Uri Feybsh ben ʼAharon ha-Leṿī, 437-439, [1677-79]
  • 5 volume(s). in 1 ; 32 cm. (fol)
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    • MIsses the first pages, general t.p. and 18 leaves with To{02BF}aliyot ha-Ralbag. Has a t.p. with "Nevi{02BE}im" at beginning of the vol. on Torah. Inscription: "Der gadol y{02BF}er psuk{0323}im fin" at end of "Malakhim 2".
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  • The first edition of the Hebrew canonical books in Yiddish. This version, made by Jekuthiel ben Isaac Blitz, and revised by Meir Stern, was prepared mainly for Jewish refugees from Poland who had found in Amsterdam. It is said to contain many Dutch words and expressions.
  • Publication was undertaken by Uri Veibsch (Phöbus) b. Aaron Halevi who relinquished it to Willem Blaeu who completed the work and secured an exclusive privilege granted by Jan Sobieski III. The general title is dated 439 equivalent to 1678 not 1672 which is the date given in the BM catalogue.
  • Translated by Yeḳutiʼel b. Yitsḥaḳ Blits.
  • Errors in foliation (2nd sequence): leaves [253] and [257] incorrectly numbered as 252 and 249 respectively.
  • Book has separate t.p. for: Neviʼim, Ḥamesh megilot meforashim, and for: Ketuvim.
  • Statements of responsibility at end of some vols.: "ʿAl yede ha-poʿel bi-melʼakhat ha-ḳodesh be-ʼemunah Naʼum ʼUri Feybsh ben ʼAbrahamʿal yede ha-poʿel bi-melʼakhat ha-ḳodesh Yaʿaḳov Ḥaim ben Lʼadniʼani...Rafaʼel Di Ḳordoṿah...defus ha-sefarim: ʼani ʿAḳivʼa ben Hilel Yosef Kohen mi-ḳ.ḳ Ṿilna"--At end of Ḥamesh megilot; "ʿAl yede ha-poʿel bi-melʼakhat ha-ḳodesh be-ʼemunah Naʼum ʼUri Feybsh...ʼAbraham Bermes"--At end of Sefer Melakhim 2; "ʿAl yede ha-poʿel bi-melʼakhat ha-ḳodesh be-ʼemunah Naʼum ʼUri Feybsh...ʼAbraham Bermens"--At end of Sefer Malʼakhi.
  • Includes: Toʻaliyōt ha-Ralbag, on Joshua, Judges and Samuel, 18 leaves at end.
  • Eisenhower copy: Gift of From the collection of Dr. Mordkhe and Charne Schaechter; FY2008.
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  • OCLC: 48696638