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The Pentateuch as Torah : new models for understanding its promulgation and acceptance

edited by Gary N. Knoppers and Bernard M. Levinson.
  • Winona Lake, Ind. : Eisenbrauns, 2007.
  • xvi, 352 pages ; 24 cm.
  • "This interdisciplinary collection of essays on the promulgation of the Pentateuch and its acceptance as authoritative Torah includes contributions from international specialists on the Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Samaritan history, colonial theory, Mediterranean studies, the Elephantine Island texts, and comparative legal history. The material gathered here is a state-of-the-art presentation of the issues, raising new questions and seeking new answers." "The book includes a substantive introduction that pulls the various contributions together and places them in the broader context of recent work on the propagation and acceptance of the Pentateuch as a prestigious writing in the late Persian and early Hellenistic periods."--BOOK JACKET.
  • How, When, Where, and Why Did the Pentateuch Become the Torah? / Gary N. Knoppers and Bernard M. Levinson
  • Pt. 1. Ratifying Local Law Codes in an International Age
  • Persian Imperial Authorization as a Historical Problem and as a Biblical Construct: A Plea for Distinctions in the Current Debate / Konrad Schmid
  • Rise of Torah / David M. Carr
  • Local Law in an Imperial Context: The Role of Torah in the (Imagined) Persian Period / Anselm C. Hagedorn
  • Temple and Torah: Reflections on the Legal Status of the Pentateuch between Elephantine and Qumran / Reinhard G. Kratz
  • Pentateuch in Ancient Mediterranean Context: The Publication of Local Lawcodes / Gary N. Knoppers and Paul B. Harvey, Jr.
  • Pt. 2. Prophets, Polemics, and Publishers: The Growing Importance of Writing in Persian Period Judah
  • From History Writing to Library Building: The End of History and the Birth of the Book / Jean-Louis Ska
  • Scribal Scholarship in the Formation of Torah and Prophets: A Postexilic Scribal Debate between Priestly Scholarship and Literary Prophecy - The Example of the Book of Jeremiah and Its Relation to the Pentateuch / Eckart Otto
  • Pt. 3. Torah as a Foundational Document in Judah and Samaria
  • Torah between Samaria and Judah: Shechem and Gerizim in Deuteronomy and Joshua / Christophe Nihan
  • "Publication" of Legal Texts in Ancient Judah / Joachim Schaper
  • Samaritans and Their Pentateuch / Reinhard Pummer
  • Pt. 4. Translation, Interpretation, and Application of the Torah in Early Jewish Literature
  • Second Temple and the Legal Status of the Torah: The Hermeneutics of the Torah in the Books of Ruth and Ezra / Sebastian Gratz
  • Septuagint of the Pentateuch and Ptolemaic Rule / Arie van der Kooij
  • Use of the Pentateuch in the Temple Scroll and the Damascus Document in the Second Century B.C.E. / Sidnie White Crawford
  • Torah as the Rhetoric of Priesthood / James W. Watts.
Other information
  • "The origins of this volume lie in the four special panels on Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Law that convened at the 2006 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Edinburgh ... "--P. 1.
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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