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Hellenistic and Roman ideal sculpture : the allure of the classical

Rachel Meredith Kousser.
  • Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
  • xv, 208 pages : illustrations; 27 cm.
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  • "In this book, Rachel Kousser draws on contemporary reception theory to present a new approach to Hellenistic and Roman ideal sculpture. She analyzes the Romans' preference for retrospective, classicizing statuary based on Greek models as opposed to the innovative creations prized by modern scholars. Using a case study of a particular sculptural type, a forceful yet erotic image of Venus, Kousser argues that the Romans self-consciously employed such sculptures to represent their ties to the past in a rapidly evolving world. Kousser presents Hellenistic and Roman ideal sculpture as an example of a highly effective artistic tradition that was, by modern standards, extraordinarily conservative. At the same time, the Romans' flexible and opportunistic use of past forms also had important implications for the future: it constituted the origins of classicism in Western art."--BOOK JACKET.
  • Introduction. Approaching Hellenistic and Roman Ideal Sculpture: Ancient and Modern Perspectives
  • Copying or Emulation? Modern Approaches to Ancient Ideal Sculpture
  • Retrospection and Transformation in Roman Culture: The Evidence of the Ancient Literary Sources
  • Organization of the Study
  • Ch. 1. Creating the Past: The Origins of Classicism in Hellenistic Sculpture
  • Introduction. Transforming Aphrodite from the Classical to Hellenistic Eras
  • Aphrodite Hoplismene in Corinth: A Martial and Erotic Classical Cult Statue
  • Aphrodite in the Gymnasium: The Venus de Milo
  • Domesticating Aphrodite: Statuettes for the Home
  • Aphrodite in the Tomb
  • Conclusions: From Polls to Panhellenic Sanctuary - New Contexts for Classicism in the Hellenistic Era
  • Ch. 2. From Greece to Rome: Retrospective Sculpture in the Early Empire
  • Introduction. Representing the Principate - The Evolution of Roman Art from Augustus to Domitian
  • Classical Art and Greek Myth in the Forum Augustum
  • Hybrid Retrospection in Early Imperial Aphrodisias
  • Venus and Victory in the Forum of Brescia
  • Creating Canon: Gems and Glass Pastes of Victoria Romana
  • Imperial Victory on Flavian Coinage
  • Diffusion of the Canon: Military Images from Germany and Illyricum
  • Representing the Victorious Emperor in Sabratha
  • Conclusions: Public and Private Classicism in the Early Empire
  • Ch. 3. From Metropolis to Empire: Retrospective Sculpture in the High Empire
  • Introduction. Artistic Construction of Empire, A.D. 100-250
  • Virtus, Humanitas, and Legitimacy in Roman Imperial Art
  • "The Seductions of Civilization": Votive Monuments from Roman Germany
  • Pleasure and Paideia: Aphrodite and the Baths in Roman Asia Minor
  • Conclusions: The Flexibility and Resonance of Classical Forms in Provincial and Funerary Art
  • Ch. 4. From Roman to Christian: Retrospection and Transformation in Late Antique Art
  • Introduction. Selective Survival of Classical Forms in a Christian World
  • Imperial Victory from Constantine to Arcadius
  • Triumph and Good Living in Late Antique Domestic Decor
  • Victory and Death: Sarcophagi in Tombs and Catacombs
  • Conclusions: Late Antique Art and the Power of the Past
  • Conclusion: An Ancient Renaissance? Classicism in Hellenistic and Roman Sculpture
  • Neither Copies nor Originals: Hellenistic and Roman Ideal Sculptures Reconsidered
  • Greek Statue Types in Hellenistic and Roman Art: A Survey of Recent Literature
  • Retrospection and Diversity: Three Case Histories
  • Not Originality but Utility: Toward a New History of Hellenistic and Roman Art.
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 179-197) and index.
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