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Through the eye of Katrina : social justice in the United States

edited by Kristin A. Bates, Richelle S. Swan.
  • Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, ©2007.
  • xix, 420 pages : illustrations maps ; 23 cm.
  • Social justice in the face of the storm: when natural disasters become social disasters / Richelle S. Swan and Kristin A. Bates
  • Images from the past: social justice and Hurricane Katrina in context
  • Setting the stage: roots of social inequity and the human tragedy of Hurricane Katrina / DeMond S. Miller and Jason Rivera
  • "Revolutions may go backwards": the persistence of voter disenfranchisement in the United States / Michelle Inderbitzin, Kelly Fawcett, Christopher Uggen and Kristin A. Bates
  • Locked and loaded: the prison industrial complex and the response to Hurricane Katrina / Shana Agid
  • Social justice movements: education disregarded, lessons ignored / Richelle S. Swan
  • Reminders of poverty, soon forgotten / Alexander Keyssar
  • Images from the disaster: reactions to Hurricane Katrina
  • New song, same old tune: racial discourse in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina / Ashley "Woody" Doane
  • "Reasonable racism": the "new" white supremacy and Hurricane Katrina / Dreama G. Moon and Anthony Hurst
  • Katrina's Latinos: vulnerability and disasters in relief and recovery / Nicole Trujillo-Pagán
  • From invisibility to hypervisibility: the complexity of race, survival, and resiliency for the Vietnamese American community in eastern New Orleans / Karen J. Leong ... [et al.]
  • Disaster pornography: Hurricane Katrina, voyeurism, and the television viewer / Benjamin R. Bates and Rukhsana Ahmed
  • Access to mediated emergency messages: differences in crisis knowledge across age, race, and socioeconomic status / Kenneth Lachlan, Patric R. Spence, & Christine Eith
  • Discrimination, segregation, and the racialized search for housing post-Katrina / Jeannie Haubert Weil
  • The voices of Katrina: ethos, race, and congressional testimonials / Terence Check
  • Images of the future: policy, activism, and justice
  • George Bush does not care about black people: hip hop and the struggle for Katrina justice / David J. Leonard
  • Ordinary struggle and the "public good": navigating vernacular voices, state power, and the public sphere in quests for social justice / Lisa R. Foster
  • Human rights in disaster policy: improving the federal response to natural disasters, disease pandemics, and terrorist attacks / Hannibal Travis
  • Hurricane Katrina and the nation's obligation to black colleges / Marybeth Gasman and Noah D. Drezner
  • Social justice after Katrina: the need for a revitalized public sphere / Peter G. Stillman and Adelaide H. Villmoare
  • Whose city is it? Public housing, public sociology, and the struggle for social justice in New Orleans before and after Katrina / John D. Arena
  • The disappearing neighborhood: an urban planner's tour of New Orleans / Kim Knowles-Yánez
  • You can get there from here, but the road is long and hard: the intersection of social justice and social disasters post-Hurricane Katrina / Kristin A. Bates and Richelle S. Swan.
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