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Water and sanitation services : public policy and management

edited by José Esteban Castro and Léo Heller.
  • London ; Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2009.
  • xxvii, 363 pages : illustrations; 25 cm.
  • "Substantially reducing the number of human beings who lack access to clean water and safe sanitation is one of the key Millennium Development Goals. This book argues and demonstrates that this can only be achieved by a better integration of the technical and social science approaches in the search for improved organization and delivery of these essential services. It presents a historical analysis of the development of water and sanitation services in both developed and developing countries, which provides valuable lessons for overcoming the obstacles facing the universalization of these services. The book provides a critical exploration of these different institutional options, including the interaction between the public and private sector, and the irreplaceable role of public funding as a condition for success."--BOOK JACKET.
  • Introduction / Jose Esteban Castro and Leo Heller
  • Pt. I. Theoretical and Conceptual Dimensions
  • 1. Systemic Conditions and Public Policy in the Water and Sanitation Sector / Jose Esteban Castro
  • 2. Troubled Waters: The Political Economy of Essential Public Services
  • 3. Public Policy Analysis in the Water and Sanitation Sector: Budgetary and Management Aspects / Andres Sanz Mulas
  • 4. North-South Transfer of the Paradigm of Piped Water: The Role of the Public Sector in Water and Sanitation Services / Okke Braadbaart
  • 5. Management and Organization of Water and Sanitation Services: European Experiences / Osmo T. Seppala and Tapio S. Katko
  • 6. Public Policy Options for Financing Sewerage Systems / David Hall and Emanuele Lobina
  • 7. Interfaces and Inter-Sector Approaches: Water, Sanitation and Public Health / Leo Heller
  • 8. Market-Centred Paradigm / Michael Rouse
  • 9. Complementary Paradigms of Water and Sanitation Services: Lessons from the Finnish Experience / Jarmo J. Hukka and Tapio S. Katko
  • 10. Community Organization and Alternative Paradigms for Improving Water and Sanitation in Deprived Settlements / Gordon McGranahan and Martin Mulenga
  • Pt. II. Country and Regional Experiences
  • 11. Decentralization and Delegation of Water and Sanitation Services in France / Christelle Pezon
  • 12. State of Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Spain: Issues, Debates and Conflicts / David Sauri, Jorge Olcina and Antonio Rico
  • 13. Decentralized Services: The Nordic Experience / Pekka Pietila, Maria J. Gunnarsdottir, Peder Hjorth and Susanne Balslev Nielsen
  • 14. Development of Water Services in Europe: From Diversity to Convergence? / Bernard Barraque
  • 15. From East to Western Sea : Canada A Country of National Abundance and Local Shortage / Mark W. Rosenberg
  • 16. US Experience on Water Supply and Sanitation: The Interaction between Public Policy and Management / Venkatesh Uddameri and Vijay P. Singh
  • 17. Discrimination by Default: The Post-Colonial Heritage of Urban Water Provision in East Africa / David Nilsson and Arne Kaijser
  • 18. South Asian Experience: Financial Arrangements for Facilitating Local participation in Water and Sanitation Services (WSS) Interventions in Poor Urban Areas Lessons from Bangladesh and Nepal / Roldan Muradian, Bishwa Nath Tiwari, Abu Jafar Shamsuddin and Laia Domenech
  • 19. Water and Sanitation Services in China: Current Problems and Potential Solutions / Jiane Zuo and Lili Gan
  • 20. Water and Sanitation Policies in Brazil: Historical Inequalities and Institutional Change / Leo Heller
  • 21. Challenges Facing the Universal Access of Water and Sanitation in Mexico / Maria Luisa Torregrosa Armentia and Blanca Jimenez Cisneros.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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