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Alternative food geographies : representation and practice

edited by Damian Maye, Lewis Holloway, Moya Kneafsey.
  • Bingley, UK : Emerald, ©2008.
  • xv, 358 pages : illustrations; 24 cm.
  • 1. Introducing alternative food geographies / Damian Maye, Moya Kneafsey and Lewis Holloway
  • Pt. I. Alternative food geographies : concepts and debates
  • 2. Localism, livelihoods and the 'post-organic' : changing perspectives on alternative food networks in the United States / David Goodman and Michael Goodman
  • 3. Connecting social justice to sustainability : discourse and practice in sustainable agriculture in Pennsylvania / Amy Trauger
  • 4. From 'alternative' to 'sustainable' food / Larch Maxey
  • 5. Beyond the 'alternative'-'conventional' divide? : thinking differently about food production-consumption relationships / Lewis Holloway, Maya Kneafsey, Rosie Cox, Laura Venn, Elizabeth Dowler and Helena Tuomainen
  • 6. Globally useful conceptions of alternative food networks in the developing south : the case of Johannesburg's urban food supply system / Caryn Abrahams
  • 7. Justifying the 'alternative' : renegotiating conventions in the Yerba Mate Network, Brazil / Christopher Rosin
  • 8. Is meat the new militancy? : locating vegetarianism within the alternative food economy / Carol Morris and James Kirwan
  • Pt. II. Public policy and alternative food projects
  • 9. Regionalisation, local foods and supply chain governance : a case study from Northumberland, England / Damian Maye and Brian Ilbery
  • 10. Governing the speciality food sector : integrating supply chains, sectors and scales in West Wales / Catherine Walkley
  • 11. Public sector food procurement in the United Kingdom : examining the creation of an 'alternative' and localised network in Cornwall / James Kirwan and Carolyn Foster
  • 12. 'Bending science to match their convictions' : hygienist conceptions of food safety as a challenge to alternative food enterprises in Ireland / Colin Sage
  • 13. Market-oriented initiatives for agri-environmental governance : environmental management systems in Australia / Vaughan Higgins, Jacqui Dibden and Chris Cocklin
  • Pt. III. Practising alternative food geographies
  • 14. From the ground up : California organics and the making of 'Yuppie Chow' / Julie Guthman
  • 15. Buying into 'buy local' : engagements of United States local food initiatives / Patricia Allen and Clare Hinrichs
  • 16. Manufacturing fear : the role of food processors and retailers in constructing alternative food geographies in Toronto, Canada / Alison Blay-Palmer and Betsy Donald
  • 17. Networking practices among 'alternative' food producers in England's West Midlands region / David Walls, Brian Ilbery and Gareth Jones
  • 18. Appropriation of 'alternative' discourses by 'mainstream' food retailers / Peter Jackson, Polly Russell and Neil Ward
  • 19. Sidestepping the mainstream : fairtrade Rooibos tea production in Wupperthal, South Africa / Tony Binns, David Bek, Etienne Nel and Brett Ellison.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 9780080450186 (hbk.)
  • 0080450180 (hbk.)
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  • OCLC: 299937614

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