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Wittgenstein: Gesamtbriefwechsel / Complete Correspondence. Innsbrucker Electronic Edition. (2nd Release)

  • Charlottesville, Va.: InteLex Corporation, 1993.
  • Electronic edition.
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  • Source: Wittgenstein Transcribed from: Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951.
Also known as
  • Wittgenstein: Gesamtbriefwechsel (2nd Release)
Local Subjects
  • This second release significantly reconfigures the organization of the correspondence, reduced from eight to three volumes. with the first two containing chronologically ordered correspondences and the third left for editorial and ancillary matters.
  • Wittgenstein-Gesamtbriefwechsel I
  • Wittgenstein-Gesamtbriefwechsel II
  • Wittgenstein-Gesamtbriefwechsel III
Other information
  • The Past Masters Ludwig Wittgenstein: Gesamtbriefwechsel/Complete Correspondence. The Innsbruck Electronic Edition. (2nd Release) Contains Wittgenstein's collected correspondence, edited under the auspices of the Brenner Archives Research Institute (Unive
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  • 9781570850370 (web)