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Organic structure analysis

Phillip Crews, Jaime Rodríguez, Marcel Jaspars.
  • New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • 2nd ed.
  • xvii, 636 pages : illustrations; 29 cm.
  • "Organic Structure Analysis, Second Edition, is the only text that teaches students how to solve structures as they are solved in actual practice. Ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in organic structure analysis, organic structure identification, and organic spectroscopy, it emphasizes real applications-integrating theory as needed - and introduces students to the latest spectroscopic methods."--BOOK JACKET.
  • Ch. 1 Using Spectroscopic and Analytical Data in Organic Structure Analysis
  • Ch. 2 Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Ch. 3 Interpretation and Use of Proton and Carbon Chemical Shifts
  • Ch. 4 Interpretation and Use of Proton and Carbon Coupling Constants
  • Ch. 5 Multiple-Pulse and Multidimensional NMR Techniques
  • Ch. 6 Mass Spectrometry: Core Techniques and Ionization Processes
  • Ch. 7 Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Small and Large Molecules
  • Ch. 8 Fragmentation Processes in Electron Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  • Ch. 9 Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Ch. 10 Optical and Chiroptical Techniques: Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
  • Ch. 11 Strategies of Determining Structure and Stereochemistry: Spectroscopic Data Translated Into Structures
  • Ch. 12 Problems in Organicstructure Analysis
  • Appendix A Collection of Spectra or Data Tables
  • Appendix B Shape of MS Clusters
  • Appendix C CAS Registry Numbers for Unknowns
  • Appendix D Glossary and Abbreviations.
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  • Includes bibliographical references.
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