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From republic to empire : rhetoric, religion, and power in the visual culture of ancient Rome

John Pollini.
  • Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, ©2012.
  • 1st.
  • xxiv, 549 pages [22] pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
  • note: I. Ritualizing Death in Republican Rome: Memory, Religion, Class Struggle, and the Wax Ancestral Mask Tradition's Origin and Influence on Veristic Portraiture
  • II. Leader and the Divine: Official and Nonofficial Modes of Representation
  • Appendix: A Colossal Statue of Titus or Domitian and the Neokorate Temples of Ephesos
  • III. Cult Statue of Julius Caesar and Heroic and Divine Imagery of Deified Leaders in the Late Republic and Early Principate
  • IV. From Warrior to Statesman in Art and Ideology: Octavian/Augustus and the Image of Alexander the Great
  • Appendix: Triumphal Frieze of the Actian Victory Monument at Nikopolis
  • V. Ideology of "Peace through Victory" and the Ara Pacis Augustae: Visual Rhetoric and the Creation of a Dynastic Narrative
  • Appendix A "Aeneas Panel" of the Ara Pacis
  • Appendix B Mausoleum of Augustus and Its Quadrigate Imagery
  • Appendix C Ustrinum Augusti
  • VI. Acanthus of the Ara Pacis as an Apolline and Dionysiac Symbol of Anamorphosis, Anakyklosis, and Numen Mixtum
  • VII. Smaller Cancelleria ("Vicomagistri") Reliefs and Julio-Claudian Imperial Altars: Limitations of the Evidence and Problems in Interpretation
  • Appendix: The Ara Providentiae Augustae, Colossal Seated Statue of Augustus, and Julio-Claudian Ideology
  • VIII. "Insanity" of Caligula or the "Insanity" of the Jews? Differences in Perception and Religious Beliefs
  • Appendix: The Portraiture of Caligula---Myth, Reality, and Contemporary Attempts at Polychromy
  • IX. "Star Power" in Imperial Rome: Astral Theology, Castorian Imagery, and the Dual Heirs in the Transmission of Leadership
  • Conclusion.
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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 489-524) and indexes.
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