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Islamic art and the museum : approaches to art and archeology of the Muslim world in the twenty-first century

edited by Benoît Junot ... [et al.]
  • London : Saqi, 2012.
  • 374 pages : illustrations(some colored) ; 24 cm.
  • 1. Role of the Museum in the Study and Knowledge of Islamic Art / Oleg Grabar
  • 2. Concert of Things: Thoughts on Objects of Islamic Art in the Museum Context / Stefan Weber
  • 3. Concept of Islamic Art: Inherited Discourses and New Approaches / Gulru Necipoglu
  • 4. Islamic Art at a Crossroads? / Nasser Rabbat
  • 5. Intrinsic Goals and External Influence: On Some Factors Affecting Research and Presentation of Islamic Art / Lorenz Korn
  • 6. Study of Islamic Art at a Crossroads, and Humanity as a Whole / Kirsten Scheid
  • 7. Preliminary Thoughts on an Entangled Presentation of "Islamic Art" / Vera Beyer
  • 8. Multivalent Paradigms of Interpretation and the Aura or Anima of the Object / Avinoam Shalem
  • 9. Stuff of History: Everyday Objects, the Construction of Ambiguous Meanings, and the "Afterlife" of Social Things / Christian Sassmannshausen
  • 10. Cultural Turn, the Spatial Turn and the Writing of Middle Eastern History / Gudrun Kramer
  • 11. Power of Layers or the Layers of Power? The Social Life of Things as the Backbone of New Narratives / Beshara Doumani
  • 12. Historian's Task: Make Sure the Object Does Not Turn Against Itself in the Museum / Munir Fakher Eldin
  • 13. Aesthetics Versus Context? Towards New Strategies for the Study of the Object / Martina Muller-Wiener
  • 14. Islamic Art Versus Material Culture: Museum of Islamic Art or Museum of Islamic Culture? / Julia Gonnella
  • 15. Subthemes and Overpaint: Exhibiting Islamic Art in American Art Museums / Mary McWilliams
  • 16. Early Islamic Art History in Germany and Concepts of Object and Exhibition / Jens Kroger
  • 17. Islamic Art and the Invention of the "Masterpiece": Approaches in Early Twentieth-Century Scholarship / Eva Troelenberg
  • 18. Jameel Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London: Working from Vision to Reality / Juliette Fritsch
  • 19. Do You Speak Islamic Art? The Museological Laboratory / Susanne Lanwerd
  • 20. Museums of Islamic Art and Public Engagement / Seifel Rashidi
  • 21. Museums and Their Formation / Miriam Kuhn
  • 22. Concepts Behind the New Installation of Islamic Art in the David Collection / Kjeld von Folsach
  • 23. Option of "Interim" Reinstallation: Brooklyn Museum's Arts of the Islamic World Galleries / Ladan Akbarnia
  • 24. Museum of Islamic Art, Doha / Oliver Watson
  • 25. Islamic Art in the Hermitage Museum: Projects and Plans / Anton D. Pritula
  • 26. Islamic Art at the British Museum: Strategies and Perspectives / Fahmida Suleman
  • 27. Aga Khan Museum in Toronto / Benoit Junod
  • 28. New Spaces for Old Treasures: Plans for the New Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamon Museum / Stefan Weber
  • 29. "A Wooden Room with Many Doors...": Social, Physical and Intellectual Accessibility at the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin / Christine Gerbich.
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