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A pluralistic universe : Hibbert lectures at Manchester College on the present situation in philosophy

William James.
  • [Auckland] : The Floating Press, [2012]
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  • Craving an intellectually stimulating read? Dive into A Pluralistic Universe by William James, an influential thinker and psychologist who also happened to be the brother of acclaimed novelist Henry James. This lucid, gripping account outlines some of James' critiques of standard methods of reasoning. It's definitely challenging, but much more appealing to a general audience than most philosophical tracts.
  • The types of philosophic thinking
  • Monistic idealism
  • Hegel and his method
  • Concerning Fechner
  • The compounding of consciousness
  • Bergson and his critique of intellectualism
  • The continuity of experience
  • Conclusions
  • The thing and its relations
  • The experience of activity
  • On the notion of reality as changing.
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