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The immune system

Peter Parham.
  • London ; New York : Garland Science, ©2009.
  • 3rd ed.
  • 1 volume(s). (various pagings) : chiefly colored illustrations; 28 cm.
Medical Subjects
  • "The Immune System, Third Edition emphasizes the human immune system and synthesizes immunological concepts into a comprehensible, up-to-date, and reader-friendly account of how the immune system works. Written for undergraduate, medical, dental, and pharmacy students in immunology courses, it makes generous use of medical examples to illustrate points." "The Third Edition has been extensively revised and updated and includes two new chapters on innate and adaptive immunity, which explore the physical, cellular, and molecular principles underlying these responses to infection. It also features enhanced coverage of aspects of innate immunity such as the complement system, Toll-like receptors, defensins, and C-reactive protein; the role of dendritic cells in initiating the primary adaptive immune response and the functions of other cells that bridge innate and adaptive immunity; immunotherapies using humanized monoclonal antibodies to treat certain diseases; and the nature of the immune response in the mucosal tissues and immunological memory." --Book Jacket.
  • Elements of the immune system and their roles in defense
  • Innate immunity
  • Principles of adaptive immunity
  • Antibody structure and the generation of B-cell diversity
  • Antigen recognition by T lymphocytes
  • The development of B lymphocytes
  • The development of T lymphocytes
  • T cell-mediated immunity
  • Immunity mediated by B cells and antibodies
  • The body's defenses against infection
  • Failures of the body's defenses
  • Over-reactions of the immune system
  • Disruption of healthy tissue by the immune response
  • Vaccination to prevent infectious disease
  • Transplantation of tissues and organs
  • Cancer and its interactions with the immune system.
Other information
  • "Adapted from Immunobiology by Charles A. Janeway, Jr., Paul Travers, and Mark Walport; also published by Garland Science."
  • "Correlation guide inserted in pocket."
  • Includes index.
  • 9780815341468
  • 0815341466
Identifying numbers
  • 2897359
  • LCCN: 2008034011
  • OCLC: 240989634
  • OCLC: 240989634

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