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Totalitarianism : proceedings of a conference held at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, March 1953

Edited with an introd. by Carl J. Friedrich.
  • Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1954.
  • x, 386 pages 22 cm.
  • Totalitarianism in the modern world, by G. F. Kennan.--Totalitarianism, despotism, dictatorship, by N. S. Timasheff.--The unique character of totalitarian society, by C. J. Friedrich.--Social prophylaxis as a form of Soviet terror, by J. G. Gliksman.--The totalitarian mystique: some impressions of the dynamics of totalitarian society, by A. Inkeles.--The Protestant churches and totalitarianism (Germany 1933-1945) by F. H. Littell.--Totalitarianism as political religion, by W. Gurian.--The Bolshevik attitude toward science, by R. Bauer.--Wholeness and totality, a psychiatric contribution, by E. H. Erikson.--Environmental controls and the impoverishment of thought, by E. Frenkel-Brunswik.--Ideological compliance as a social-psychological process, by M. Jahoda and S. W. Cook.--Science under Soviet totalitarianism, by H. J. Muller.--Phases of the conflict between totalitarianism and science, by G. de Santillana.--Totalitarianism and history, by B. D. Wolfe.--Totalitarian appeal and economic reform, by A. Lauterbach.--The economy of the Soviet Zone of Germany, by J. P. Nettl.--Cracks in the monolith: possibilities and patterns of disintegration in totalitarian systems, by K. W. Deutsch.--Totalitarianism and the future, by P. Kecskemeti.--The world revolutionary situation, by H. D. Lasswell.
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