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Contextualizing Israel's sacred writings : ancient literacy, orality, and literary production

edited by Brian B. Schmidt.
  • Atlanta, Georgia : SBL Press, [2015]
  • x, 374 pages ; 23 cm.
  • note: 1. Epigraphic Indications of Literacy and Orality in Ancient Israelite Society
  • Levantine Literacy ca. 1000--750 BCE / Andre Lemaire
  • Literacy in the Negev of the Late Monarchical Period / Nadav Na'aman
  • Scribal Curriculum during the First Temple Period: Epigraphic Hebrew and Biblical Evidence / Christopher A. Rollston
  • Memorializing Conflict: Toward an Iron Age "Shadow" History of Israel's Earliest Literature / Brian B. Schmidt
  • Let the Stones Speak! Document Production by Iron Age West Semitic Scribal Institutions and the Question of Biblical Sources / Jessica Whisenant
  • 2. Interface of Orality and Literacy in The Hebrew Bible
  • Orality, Textuality and Memory: The State of Biblical Studies / David M. Carr
  • Performance of Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel / Robert D. Miller
  • Text Criticism as a Lens for Understanding the Transmission of Ancient Texts in Their Oral Environments / Raymond F. Person Jr.
  • Oral Substratum, Language Usage, and Thematic Flow in the Abraham-Jacob Narrative / Frank H. Polak
  • Royal Letters and Torah Scrolls: The Place of Ezra-Nehemiah in Scholarly Narratives of Scripturalization / Elsie Stern
  • 3. Aspects of Orality and Literacy in Ancient Israel in Comparative Perspective
  • "Literarization" of the Biblical Prophecy of Doom / James M. Bos
  • What if There Aren't Any Empirical Models for Pentateuchal Criticism? / Seth L. Sanders
  • Scripturalization in Ancient Judah / William M. Schniedewind
  • Hebrew Culture at the "Interface between the Written and the Oral" / Joachim Schaper.
Other information
  • "The present volume has its origins in the International Conference on Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World ... held in Ann Arbor in the Summer of 2012"--Introduction
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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