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Ancient Egypt transformed : the Middle Kingdom

edited by Adela Oppenheim, Dorothea Arnold, Dieter Arnold, and Kei Yamamoto.
  • New York, New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2015]
  • Distribution: New Haven : Distributed by Yale University Press, [2015]
  • Copyright Notice: ©2015
  • xix, 379 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps, plans ; 32 cm
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  • Exhibition catalogs.
  • History.
  • Art, Egyptian.
  • The Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030-1700 B.C.), the second great era of ancient Egyptian culture, was a transformational period during which the artistic conventions, cultural principles, religious beliefs, and political systems formed during earlier dynasties were developed and reimagined. This comprehensive volume presents a detailed picture of the art and culture of the Middle Kingdom, arguably the least known of Egypt's three kingdoms yet a time of remarkable prosperity and unprecedented change. International specialists present new insights into how Middle Kingdom artists refined existing forms and iconography to make strikingly original architecture, statuary, tomb and temple relief decoration, and stele. Thematic sections explore art produced for different strata of Egyptian society, including the pharaoh, royal women, the elite, and the family, while other chapters provide insight into Egypt's expanding relations with foreign lands and the themes of Middle Kingdom literature. More than 250 objects from major collections around the world are sumptuously illustrated, many with new photography undertaken specifically for this catalogue.
  • What was the Middle Kingdom? / Adela Oppenheim
  • Aspects of Middle Kingdom art. Architecture : building for eternity across Egypt / Dieter Arnold ; Statues in their settings : encountering the divine / Dorothea Arnold ; Artists and workshops : the complexity of creation / Adela Oppenheim ; The decoration of elite tombs : connecting the living and the dead / Janice Kamrin ; The art of the stela : an appeal to the living / Kei Yamamoto
  • Catalogue. A new start from the south : Thebes during the eleventh dynasty / Dieter Arnold, Dorothea Arnold
  • The move to the north : establishing a new capital / Dieter Arnold, Peter Jánosi
  • Pharaoh : power and performance / Dorothea Arnold
  • Royal women : ladies of the two lands / Isabel Stünkel
  • The pharaoh's subjects : court and provinces / Wolfram Grajetzki
  • An expanding worldview : conquest, colonization, and coexistence / David B. O'Connor
  • The impact of Middle Kingdom literature : ancient and modern / Richard B. Parkinson
  • Comprehending life : community, environment, and the supernatural / Kei Yamamoto
  • Understanding death : a journey between worlds / Stephen Quirke
  • Abydos and Osiris : the terrace of the great god / Kei Yamamoto
  • Temples : secluded domains for kings and gods / Adela Oppenheim
  • Later life of Middle Kingdom monuments : interrogating Tanis / Marsha Hill
  • Middle Kingdom history and archaeology. Middle Kingdom history : an overview / Wolfram Grajetzki
  • Excavations by the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Middle Kingdom sites / Dieter Arnold, Adela Oppenheim
  • Selected sites : Elephantine ; Thebes : East Bank (Karnak and Luxor) ; Thebes : West Bank, Abydos ; Middle Egypt ; The Fayum ; Lisht ; Dahshur ; Memphis ; The Delta / Dieter Arnold, Felix Arnold, Manfred Bietak, Luc Gabolde, Lisa Giddy, Janice Kamrin, Josef Wegner.
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  • Catalog of an exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, October 12, 2015-January 24, 2016.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 337-367) and index.
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