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Academic writing for graduate students : essential tasks and skills

John M. Swales & Christine B. Feak.
  • Ann Arbor : The University of Michigan Press, ©2012.
  • 3rd edition.
  • xiv, 418 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Medical Subjects
  • Problems and Exercises.
  • Problems and Exercises.
  • Textbooks for foreign speakers.
  • Leermiddelen (vorm)
  • This practical guide for graduate and undergraduate students features authentic texts from a variety of disciplines and is based on a large body of research literature dealing with the features of academic (or research) English.
  • note: Unit One Approach to Academic Writing
  • Audience
  • Purpose and Strategy
  • Organization
  • Style
  • Language Focus: The Vocabulary Shift---Verbs
  • Language Focus: The Vocabulary Shift---Nouns and Other Parts of Speech
  • Language Focus: Other Stylistic Features
  • Flow
  • Language Focus: Linking Words and Phrases
  • Presentation
  • Positioning
  • Unit Two General-Specific and Specific-General Texts
  • Opening with General Statements
  • Opening with Statistics
  • Opening with Definitions
  • Writing a Definition
  • Some Common Ways to Define in Academic Writing
  • Language Focus: Verbs in Defining and Naming
  • Brief Look at the Elements of Formal Sentence Definitions
  • Extended Definitions
  • Variations in Definitions
  • Discussions of Schools of Thought
  • Specific-to-General Organization
  • Unit Three Problem, Process, and Solution
  • Structure of Problem-Solution Texts
  • Language Focus: Mid-Position Adverbs
  • Procedures and Processes
  • Language Focus: -ing Clauses to Indicate Cause and Effect
  • Language Focus: Passive Voice
  • Flow of Ideas in a Process Description
  • Language Focus: Indirect Questions
  • Introducing the Solution
  • Unit Four Data Commentary
  • Strength of Claim
  • Structure of Data Commentary
  • Location Elements and Summaries
  • Language Focus: Verbs in Indicative and Informative Location Statements
  • Language Focus: Linking as Clauses
  • Highlighting Statements
  • Language Focus: An Introduction to Qualifications and Strength of Claim
  • Language Focus: Specific Ways of Moderating or Qualifying a Claim
  • Organization
  • Language Focus: Comparisons
  • Concluding a Commentary
  • Language Focus: Dealing with Unexpected Outcomes or "Problems"
  • Dealing with Graphs
  • Dealing with Chronological Data
  • Language Focus: Prepositions of Time
  • Unit Five Writing Summaries
  • Considerations before Writing a Summary
  • Some Notes on Plagiarism
  • Paraphrasing
  • Careful Use of Synonyms
  • Language Focus: Identifying the Source
  • Language Focus: Summary Reminder Phrases
  • Syntheses of More than One Source
  • Language Focus: Showing Similarities and Differences
  • Unit Six Writing Critiques
  • Book Reviews
  • Language Focus: Stating Opinions
  • Language Focus: Evaluative Language
  • Evaluating a Published Article
  • Language Focus: Unreal Conditionals
  • Language Focus: Evaluative Language Revisited
  • Critical Reading
  • Language Focus: Beginning the Critique
  • Language Focus: Inversions
  • Reaction Papers
  • Language Focus: Non-Standard Quotation Marks (Scare Quotes)
  • Few Thoughts on Manuscript Reviews for a Journal
  • Unit Seven Constructing a Research Paper I
  • Types of Journal Publication
  • Short Communications (SCs) in Disciplines that Report Fieldwork
  • Longer Research Papers
  • Methods Sections
  • Language Focus: Linking Phrases in Methods Sections
  • Results Sections
  • Language Focus: Another Look at Location Statements
  • Language Focus: Special Verb Agreements
  • Language Focus: Making Comparisons
  • Unit Eight Constructing a Research Paper II
  • Introductions
  • Creating a Research Space
  • Language Focus: Citation and Tense
  • Language Focus: Negative Openings in Move 2
  • Language Focus: Purpose Statements and Tense
  • Discussion Sections
  • Language Focus: Levels of Generalization
  • Language Focus: Expressions of Limitation
  • Unfinished Business
  • Appendixes
  • Appendix One Grammar of Definitions
  • Appendix Two Articles in Academic Writing
  • Appendix Three Academic English and Latin Phrases.
Other information
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 407-414) and index.
  • 9780472034758 (Paperback : acid-free paper)
  • 0472034758 (Paperback : acid-free paper)
Identifying numbers
  • LCCN: 2012454741
  • OCLC: 785067273
  • OCLC: 785067273

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