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Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy

  • Sudbury : Jones & Bartlett Learning, 1900.
  • 4th ed.
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  • ""Title""; ""Copyright""; ""DEDICATION""; ""TABLE OF CONTENTS""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""PART I FUNDAMENTALS OF A LITERATURE REVIEW""; ""CHAPTER ONE Introduction""; ""Review of the Literature""; ""Well Beyond Index Cards""; ""To Own the Literature""; ""Research Synthesis: Historical Perspective""; ""The Matrix Method: Definition and Overview""; ""Review Matrix: A Versatile Tool""; ""Overview of Chapters and Appendices""; ""References to Websites""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Understanding the Process""; ""CHAPTER TWO Basic Concepts""; ""Source Materials Defined""
  • ""Different Kinds of Source Materials""""Anatomy of a Scientific Paper: Finding What You Need in a Typical Research Paper""; ""Guidelines for a Methodological Review of the Literature""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Learning the Concepts""; ""PART II THE MATRIX METHOD""; "" CHAPTER THREE Paper Trail: How to Plan and Manage a Search of the Literature""; ""What Is a Paper Trail?""; ""How to Create a Paper Trail""; ""How to Find Source Materials: Creating and Using a Paper Trail""; ""Tips on Searching for Source Documents""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Managing the Search""
  • ""CHAPTER FOUR Documents Folder: How to Select and Organize Documents for Review""""How to Select the Documents for Your Review""; ""What Is a Documents Folder?""; ""How to Organize a Documents Folder""; ""How to Remember Where You Put the Documents""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Assembling a Documents Folder""; ""CHAPTER FIVE Review Matrix: How to Abstract the Research Literature""; ""What Is a Review Matrix?""; ""How to Construct a Review Matrix""; ""How to Arrange Documents for Use in a Review Matrix""; ""How to Choose Column Topics for a Review Matrix""
  • ""How to Abstract Documents in a Review Matrix""""Fringe Benefits of the Abstracting Process""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Constructing a Review Matrix""; ""CHAPTER SIX Synthesis: How to Use a Review Matrix to Write a Synthesis""; ""What Is a Synthesis?""; ""How to Use a Review Matrix to Write a Synthesis""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Writing a Synthesis""; ""PART III APPLICATIONS USING THE MATRIX METHOD""; ""CHAPTER SEVEN A Library of Lit Review Master Folders""; ""What Is a Library of Lit Review Master Folders?""; ""How to Create a Library of Lit Review Master Folders""
  • ""How to Use a Library of Lit Review Master Folders""""Making the Most of the Matrix Method""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Building Her Own Library of Master Folders""; ""CHAPTER EIGHT The Matrix Indexing System""; ""What Is the Matrix Indexing System?""; ""How to Set Up a Matrix Indexing System""; ""How to Expand the Documents Folder""; ""How to Efficiently Update a Literature Review""; ""Carolineâ€?s Quest: Using the Matrix Indexing System""; ""CHAPTER NINE Matrix Applications by Health Sciences Professionals""; ""What Are Matrix Applications?""
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  • ""How to Use Matrix Applications in a Research Project""
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