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Managing cultural heritage : an international research perspective

by Luca Zan, Sara Bonini Baraldi, Maria Lusiani, Daniel Shoup, Paolo Ferri and Federica Onofri.
  • Farnham, Surrey, England : Ashgate, 2015.
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  • Heritage as a field of research and collective action has emerged only in the last 40 years, spurred by the 1972 Unesco World Heritage Convention. Conservation was the touchstone discipline of the field, but the highly interdisciplinary nature of heritage has brought in a wide diversity of perspectives that has sometimes posed challenges to mutual understanding. Since the 1990s, heritage studies has emerged as a distinct academic field, and practices and rhetoric drawn from mainstream corporate management and strategic planning have become widespread. Based on fifteen years of field work done by a group of scholars at the Department of Management, University of Bologna, this book is an in-depth investigation of management practices rather than policies, based on a variety of case studies from around the world. The authors take the issue of management in heritage seriously but also take into account the role of other disciplines within heritage organizations. In particular, they focus on sustainability in terms of financial resources, human resources, knowledge management, and the relationship with the audience and communities of scholars.
  • International perspectives on management & cultural heritage / Luca Zan
  • Part 1. Managerialization and change
  • Arts organizations and the transformation of the public sector / Paolo Ferri and Luca Zan
  • The International Museum of Ceramics between two narratives / Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan
  • Failure to change : an assessment of Pompeiís reform / Paolo Ferri and Luca Zan
  • The Turkish model of decentralization in cultural heritage / Daniel Shoup, Sara Bonini Baraldi, and Luca Zan
  • Part 2. Institutional settings and business models
  • Institutional settings and business models : perspectives on sustainability / Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan
  • Managerial transformation at Heritage Malta / Maria Lusiani and Luca Zan
  • Institutional design and the business model of Machu Picchu / Luca Zan and Maria Lusiani
  • Part 3. Change and business plans
  • Planning : an effective instrument for change? / Maria Lusiani, Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan
  • Master plans at Machu Picchu : continuity and change / Luca Zan and Maria Lusiani
  • Byzantine planning in Istanbul / Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan
  • Part 4. The heritage chain
  • The heritage chain : assessing the economic organization of the sector / Sara Bonini Baraldi and Luca Zan
  • The micro level : reconstructing Luoyang's horse & chariot discovery / Luca Zan and Sara Bonini Baraldi
  • The macro level : cultural heritage in Turkey / Sara Bonini Baraldi, Daniel Shoup and Luca Zan
  • Part 5. Between politics and practices
  • Between policies and practices : administration matters / Sara Bonini Baraldi and Luca Zan
  • Best and worst practices in cultural policy : Bologna 2000, ten years after / Luca Zan, Sara Bonini Baraldi and Federica Onofri
  • Indirect policies : public funding for performing arts in Italy / Sara Bonini Baraldi, Maria Lusiani, Paolo Ferri and Luca Zan
  • Taking management seriously in heritage studies / Luca Zan.
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