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The anthropology of global pentecostalism and evangelicalism

edited by Simon Coleman and Rosalind I. J. Hackett ; with an Afterword by Joel Robbins.
  • New York : New York University Press, [2015]
  • vii, 264 pages ; 24 cm
  • Personhood: sin, sociality, and the unbuffered self in US evangelicalism / Omri Elisha
  • Circulations: evangelical and pentecostal Christianity in nineteenth-century Singapore and Penang / Jean DeBernardi
  • Orientations: moral geographies in transnational Ghanaian pentecostal networks / Kristine Krause
  • Affect: intensities and energies in the charismatic language, embodiment, and genre of a North American movement / Jon Bialecki
  • Feminine habitus: rhetoric and rituals of conversion and commitment among contemporary South Korean evangelical women / Kelly H. Chong
  • Mobility: a global geography of the spirit among Catholic charismatic communities / Thomas J. Csordas
  • Mediating money: materiality and spiritual warfare in Tanzanian charismatic Christianity / Martin Lindhardt
  • Mediating culture: charisma, fame, and sincerity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Martijn Oosterbaan
  • Mediating miracle truth: permanent struggle in Kyrgyzstan / Mathijs Pelkmans
  • Politics of sovereignty: evangelical and pentecostal Christianity and politics in Angola / Ruy Llera Blanes
  • Politics of prayer: Christianity and the decriminalization of cocaine in Guatemala / Kevin Lewis O'Neill
  • Politics of tradition: charismatic globalization, morality, and culture in Polynesian Protestantism / Yannick Fer
  • Afterword: the anthropology of global pentecostalism and evangelicalism / Joel Robbins.
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