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Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective : Text, Archaeology, Culture, and Geoscience

edited by Thomas E. Levy, Thomas Schneider, William H.C. Propp.
  • Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2015.
  • XXVII, 584 pages 145 illustrations 65 illustrationsin color. online resource.
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  • The Bible's grand narrative about Israel's Exodus from Egypt is central to Biblical religion, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim identity, and the formation of the academic disciplines studying the ancient Near East. It has also been a pervasive theme in artistic and popular imagination.  Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective is a pioneering work surveying this tradition in unprecedented breadth, combining archaeological discovery, quantitative methodology, and close literary reading.  Archaeologists, Egyptologists, Biblical Scholars, Computer Scientists, Geoscientists and other experts contribute their diverse approaches in a novel, transdisciplinary consideration of ancient topography, Egyptian and Near Eastern parallels to the Exodus story, the historicity of the Exodus, the interface of the Exodus question with archaeological fieldwork on emergent Israel, the formation of biblical literature, and the cultural memory of the Exodus in ancient Israel and beyond.  This edited volume contains research presented at the groundbreaking symposium "Out of Egypt: Israel’s Exodus Between Text and Memory, History and Imagination" held in 2013 at the Qualcomm Institute of the University of California, San Diego. The combination of 44 contributions by an international group of scholars from diverse disciplines makes this the first such transdisciplinary study of ancient text and history. In the original conference and with this new volume, revolutionary media, such as a 3D immersive virtual reality environment, impart innovative, Exodus-based research to a wider audience.  Out of archaeology, ancient texts, science, and technology emerge an up-to-date picture of the Exodus for the 21st Century, and a new standard for collaborative research.
  • Exodus and Memory
  • On the Historicity of the Exodus: What Egyptology Today Can Contribute Today to Assessing the Biblical Account of the Sojourn in Egypt
  • The Wilderness Narrative and Itineraries and the Evolution of the Exodus Tradition
  • Exodus Dates & Theories
  • The Exodus as Cultural Memory: Egyptian Bondage and the Song of the Sea
  • Radiocarbon Dating and the Exodus Tradition.- The Thera Theories: Science and the Modern Reception History of the Exodus
  • Which Way Out of Egypt: Physical Geography Related to the Exodus Itinerary
  • Inspired By a Tsunami: An Earth Sciences Perspective of the Exodus Narrative
  • Dating the Theran Eruption: Archaeological Science Versus Nonsense Science
  • The Sound of Exodus (EX3), ‘World Building’ and the Museum of the Future: Adaptive, Listener-Centered Auditory Display for Multimodal Narrative in Advanced Visualization Spaces
  • The Wave and 3D: How the Waters Might have Parted – Visualizing Evidence for a Major Volcanic Eruption in the Mediterranean and its Impact on Exodus Models
  • Media Commons Framework: An Immersive Storytelling Platform and Exodus
  • Mythic Dimensions of the Exodus Tradition
  • Egyptologists and the Israelite Exodus from Egypt
  • Out of Egypt: Did Israel’s Exodus Include Tales
  • The Egyptian Origin of the Ark of the Covenant
  • Moses the Magician
  • Egyptian Text Parallels to the Exodus: Discussions in the Egyptological Literature
  • The Exodus Narrative Between History and Literary Fiction: The Portrayal of the Egyptian Burden as a Test Case
  • The Exodus Based on the Sources Themselves
  • Fracturing the Exodus, as told by Edward Everett Horton
  • The Revelation of the Divine Name to Moses and the Construction of a memory about the Origins of the Encounter between Yhwh and Israel
  • The Structure of Legal Administration in the Moses Story
  • Distinguishing the World of the Exodus Narrative from the World of its Narrators: The Question of the Priestly Exodus Account in its Historical Setting
  • The Despoliation of Egypt: Origen and Augustine: From Stolen Treasures to Saved Texts
  • Leaving Home: Philo of Alexandria on the Exodus
  • Hero and Villain: An Outline of the Exodus’ Pharaoh in Artapanus
  • The Exodus in Islam: Citationality and Redemption
  • From Liberation to Expulsion: The Exodus in the Earliest Jewish-Pagan Polemics
  • The Exodus and the Bible: What Was Known; What Was Remembered; What Was Forgotten
  • Exodus as Mnemo-Narrative: An Archaeological Perspective
  • Remembering Egypt
  • The Exodus and History
  • The Great Going Forth: The Expulsion of West-Semitic Speakers from Egypt
  • Har Karkom: Archaeological Discoveries on a Holy Mountain in the Desert of Exodus
  • In Search of Israel’s Insider Status: A Reevaluation of Israel’s Origins
  • The Emergence of Iron Age Israel: On Origins and Habitus
  • Living by Livestock in Israel’s Exodus: Explaining Origins over Distance
  • Exodus and Exodus Traditions after the Linguistic Turn in History
  • Biblical Claims About Solomon’s Kingdom in Light of Egyptian “Three-Zone” Ideology of Territory.- The Emergence of Israel in Retrospect
  • Out of Egypt or Out of Canaan: The Exodus Story Between Memory and Historical Reality
  • Modern scholarship versus the Demon of Passover: An Outlook on Exodus Research and Egyptology through the Lens of Exodus 12.
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