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Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

edited by Ming Ronnier Luo.
  • New York, NY : Springer New York : Imprint: Springer, 2016.
  • 1st ed. 2016.
  • 831 illustrations 553 illustrationsin color. eReference. online resource.
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  • The Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology provides an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the concepts of color to all fields of science and technology, including artistic and historical aspects of color. Many topics are discussed in this timely reference, including an introduction to the science of color, and entries on the physics, chemistry and perception of color. Color is described as it relates to optical phenomena of color and continues on through colorants and materials used to modulate color and also to human vision of color. The measurement of color is provided as is colorimetry, color spaces, color difference metrics, color appearance models, color order systems and cognitive color. Other topics discussed include industrial color, color imaging, capturing color, displaying color and printing color. Descriptions of color encodings, color management, processing color and applications relating to color synthesis for computer graphics are included in this work. The Encyclopedia also delves into color as it applies to other domains such as art and design ́“ ie ́“ color design, color harmony, color palettes, color and accessibility, researching color deficiency, and color and data visualization. There is also information on color in art conservation, color and architecture, color and educations, color and culture, and an overview of the history of color and comments on the future of color. This unique work℗ will extend the influence of color to a much wider audience than has been possible to date.
  • Introduction
  • Accessibility and Color
  • Art Conservation and Color
  • Capturing Color
  • The Chemistry of Color
  • Color and Architecture
  • Color and Computer Graphics
  • Color and Culture
  • Color and Education
  • Color Appearance Correlates
  • Color Crosscuts
  • Color Design
  • Color Differences
  • Color Harmony
  • Color Imaging
  • Colorimetry and Color Spaces
  • Color Management
  • Color Palettes
  • Data Visualization and Color
  • The Description of Color
  • Displaying Color
  • Encoding Color
  • History of Color
  • Industrial Color
  • The Measurement of Color
  • Organizing Color
  • The Perception of Color
  • The Physics of Color
  • Printing Color
  • Processing Color
  • Quality of Color.
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