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African-American poetry : an anthology, 1773-1927

edited by Joan R. Sherman.
  • Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, ©1997.
  • ix, 82 pages ; 21 cm.
Local Subjects
  • Poetry.
  • A collection of poetry by black authors ranging from the religious and moral verse of Phillis Wheatley Peters (ca. 1753-1784) to the 20th century sensibilities of Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen. Works by George Moses Horton, Frances Wellen Watkins Harper, Alberry Alston Whitman, Henrietta Cordelia Ray, Daniel Webster Davis, Mary Weston Fordham, James Weldon Johnson, Paul Laurence Dunbar and many others, written on such topics as bondage and freedom, hatred and discrimination, racial identity and racial solidarity, and the outpouring of African-American creativity known as the "Harlem Renaissance."
  • Phillis Wheatley Peters (On being brought from Africa to America ; An hymn to the evening)
  • George Moses Horton (Liberty and slavery ; Early affection ; Troubled with the itch and rubbing with sulphur ; Imploring to be resigned at death ; George Moses Horton, myself)
  • Joshua McCarter Simpson (Away to Canada ; To the white people of America)
  • James Monroe Whitfield (How long? ; The misanthropist)
  • Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (Bury me in a free land ; To the Union savers of Cleveland ; from Moses: A story of the Nile ; Sir, we would see Jesus ; Learning to read ; Songs for the people)
  • James Madison Bell (from A poem entitled The day and the war ; from An anniversary poem entitled The progress of liberty)
  • Charlotte L. Forten Grimk?e (Wordsworth)
  • Alfred Islay Walden (Wish for an overcoat)
  • Alberry Alston Whitman (from Not a man, and yet a man ; from Twasinta's Seminoles; or Rape of Florida).
  • (Cont. 2) Henrietta Cordelia Ray (Robert G. Shaw ; Verses to my heart's-sister)
  • George Marion McClellan (A September night ; The feet of Judas ; A January dandelion)
  • Joseph Seamon Cotter, Sr. (Frederick Douglass ; Dr. Booker T. Washington to the National Negro Business League ; The don't-care Negro)
  • Josephine Delphine Henderson Heard (They are coming?)
  • Daniel Webster Davis (I can trust ; Aunt Chloe's lullaby)
  • Mary Weston Fordham (Atlanta exposition ode)
  • James Edwin Campbell (Ol' Doc' Hyar ; Mors et Vita ; De Cunjah man ; 'Sciplinin' Sister Brown)
  • James David Corrothers (De black cat crossed his luck ; Paul Laurence Dunbar ; At the closed gate of justice ; An indignation dinner)
  • James Weldon Johnson (Lift ev'ry voice and sing ; O black and unknown bards ; The white witch)
  • Priscilla Jane Thompson (The muse's favor).
  • (Cont. 3) Paul Laurence Dunbar (Sympathy ; An ante-bellum sermon ; We wear the mask ; When Malindy sings ; The haunted oak ; The poet)
  • Anne Spencer [Annie Bethel Scales Bannister] (Dunbar ; White things ; Letter to my sister)
  • Claude McKay (The Harlem dancer ; If we must die ; Flame-heart ; The tropics in New York ; Enslaved)
  • Jean Toomer (Georgia dusk ; Her lips are copper wire)
  • Langston Hughes (The Negro speaks of rivers ; Jazzonia ; I, too ; Bound no'th blues ; Mother to son)
  • Countee Cullen (Yet do I marvel ; To John Keats, poet, at springtime ; From the dark tower).
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