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Research administration and management

[edited by] Elliott C. Kulakowski, Lynne U. Chronister.
  • Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett, [2006]
  • Copyright Notice: ©2006
  • xxvii, 916 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Medical Subjects
Local Subjects
  • Introduction: leadership and management of the research enterprise in the 21st century / by Lynne U. Chronister and Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • The history of research administration / by Kenneth L. Beasley
  • The future of research administration in the 21st century: looking into the crystal ball / by Elliott C. Kulakowski and Lynne U. Chronister
  • The organization of the research enterprise / by Lynne U. Chronister and Robert Killoren
  • University research development and the role of the chief research officer / by Michael R. Dingerson
  • The research administrator as a professional: training and development / by Marcia Landon and Michael McAllister
  • Planning for success / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Change management theory put to practice as stakeholders' advocates: a case study / by Lawrie Robertson [and others]
  • Human resources in a research environment / by Jim Hanlon
  • Media relations / by Lisa A. Lapin
  • Working with boards of trustees and advisory boards / by Cary E. Thomas
  • Communicating and marketing / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Policies and management of human tissue in research / by Lynne U. Chronister and David R. McGee
  • Performance measurement / by Paul G. Waugaman, William S. Kirby, and Louis G. Tornatzky
  • Institutional enhancement of research and scholarship / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Support for institutional and interdisciplinary projects / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Institutional development offices and research offices: gifts and grants / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Federal relations, advocacy, and lobbying in the research environment / by William Schweri
  • Establishing a clinical trial research program / by Bruce Steinert and Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • Legal issues in clinical trials / by J. Michael Slocum
  • Dealing with legal counsel and the management of risk / by J. Michael Slocum and Rebecca Barnett
  • Special issues for land-grant institutions / by Robert Killoren and Judy McCormick
  • The academic entrepreneur: enabling and nurturing a scarce resource / by Louis G. Tornatzky and Paul G. Waugaman
  • National and international research councils, professional associations, accreditations, and memberships / by Lynne U. Chronister
  • Fundamentals of sponsored programs: an overview / by Dorothy Yates
  • Special issues of departmental administration / by Tim Quigg --
  • Representations and certifications for federal grants and contracts / by Sandra Nordahl
  • Elements of a successful proposal / by Victoria J. Molfese and Karen S. Karp
  • Peer review and project implementation and evaluation / by Pamela F. Miller
  • Electronic research administration (ERA) commencement, practice, and future / by John A. Rodman and Brad Stanford
  • Preparing a budget for a research project / by William H. Caskey
  • The challenges and opportunities of international research / by John D. Sites, Jr.
  • Federal research contracts / by J. Michael Slocum
  • Research contracts with industry / by J. Michael Slocum
  • Contracts: form, function, and issue spotting / by Cindy Kiel
  • Legal perspective of government representations and certifications / by J. Michael Slocum
  • Facilities and administrative rates / by Paul Nacon
  • Compliance toward the disclosure statement (DS) required by public law 100-679 / by Amy J. Sikalis
  • Financial reporting for the research administrator / by Cary E. Thomas
  • Working with internal and external auditors / by Abby Zubov
  • Fundamentals of post-award administration / by Jerry Fife
  • Cost sharing and matching funds / by Elliott C. Kulakowski and Vincent Bogdanski
  • Education in the responsible conduct of research: opportunities and potential impact on the research institution / by Chris B. Pascal
  • Developing a research compliance program / by Daniel Vasgird and Ellen Hyman-Browne
  • Belmont as parable: research leadership and the spirit of integrity / by Edward F. Gabriele
  • Cultivating interpretive mentorship: a role for research administration / by Melissa S. Anderson, Janet M. Holdsworth, and Joseph J. Shultz
  • Data management / by Michael Kalichman
  • Authorship: credit, responsibility, and accountability / by Bryan Benham, Dale Clark, and Leslie Francis
  • Conflict of interest in research / by John Chinn and Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • Beyond the federal definition: other forms of misconduct / by Chris C. Pascal
  • Human research management: building a program for responsible conduct and oversight of human studies in a brave new world / by Greg Koski
  • Ethical review of social and behavioral science research / by Michael Owen --
  • The impact of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) on research / by Ada Sue Selwitz, Helene Lake-Bullock, and Joe R. Brown
  • Management of human tissue resources for research in academic medical centers: points to consider / by Jeffrey R. Botkin [and others]
  • Welfare of research animals / by Kathyrn A. Bayne and John E. Harkness
  • Environmental health and safety / by Matthew D. Finucane
  • Bioterrorism: considerations for research institutions / by Bryan Benham
  • Dealing with allegations of research misconduct: the other side of responsible conduct of research / by Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • University technology transfer: evolution and revolution on the 50th anniversary of the Council on Governmental Relations / by Howard W. Bremer
  • How to organize a technology transfer office / by Patricia Harsche Weeks
  • Elements of an intellectual property policy / by Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • Industrial research collaborations before a product is developed / by Colin Cooper
  • Identifying and triaging technologies / by Joseph Fondacaro
  • Patent law / by Steve Highlander
  • Applying for United States patent protection / by John S. Child, Jr. and Kathleen D. Rigaut
  • Marketing university technology: selling the promise / by Richard Kordal
  • Licensing technologies / by Robert MacWright
  • Elements of a license agreement / by Katherine Chou
  • Negotiating a license agreement / by Chris McKinney
  • Role of technology transfer office after the deal / by Katherine Chou
  • Spin-off companies from university technologies / by Jayne Carney
  • Establishing a spin-off company / by Janet E. Scholz
  • The role of universities and research institutions in economic development / by Elliott C. Kulakowski
  • Material transfer agreements / by Fred Reinhart
  • Drafting and enforcing nondisclosure agreements / by Kathleen D. Rigaut
  • Copyright, trademark, and trade secrets / by David Huizenga and Hope Slonim
  • Export control / by James Taylor
  • SBIR/STTR programs / by Roberta A. Nixon, Rick Shindell, and Jo Anne Goodnight
  • Cooperative research and development agreements / by Kathleen Sybert and Concetta Bartosh.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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