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Transforming undergraduate education : theory that compels, and practices that succeed

edited by Donald W. Harward, case studies edited by Ashley P. Finley.
  • Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, ©2012.
  • xv, 395 pages ; 27 cm
  • "For those ready to participate in making transformative changes, Transforming Undergraduate Education provides evidence and case studies that suggest how steps can be taken and progress made. For those who are currently leading their campuses through a change in culture, this book offers support and encouragement. And for those who are pausing - looking positively but cautiously at what needs to change - at the prospects and challenges that may be encountered, Harward and the collection of authors offer an invaluable and innovative resource.
  • "Given the intensity of interest regarding the 'problems in higher education,' Harward notes how the systemic sources of those problems are infrequently addressed and even rarer is the offering of solutions or suggestions for positive actions. Harward and his colleagues see the achievement of this book as doing both - understanding the problems and offering solutions.
  • "The book assembles the voices of leaders, scholars, practitioners, critics and others committed to higher education; collectively they combine theoretical considerations with analyses of fundamental issues related to learning and liberal education. The resulting arguments, theories, and evidence are sufficient to encourage significant - transformative - changes in higher education. Contributors offer examples of campus initiatives that document such changes, from directional nudges to major shifts of emphases and resources - from theoretical arguments to case studies and practices that suggest and guide constructive steps in efforts at change."-- Publisher description.
  • Forewords / Julie J. Kidd and Sally Engelhard Pingree
  • A Copernican moment: on the revolutions in higher education / David M. Scobey
  • The ideals of the liberal artisan: notes toward an evolving group biography / Catharine R. Stimpson
  • The theories, contexts, and multiple pedagogies of engaged learning: what succeeds and why? / Lynn E. Swaner
  • Reuniting the often neglected aims of liberal education: student well-being and psychosocial development / Dessa Bergen-Cico and Joyce A. Bylander
  • Renewing the civic purpose of liberal education / Barry N. Checkoway, Richard Guarasci, and Peter L. Levine
  • Evoking wholeness: to renew the ideal of the educated person / Theodore E. Long
  • Knowledge and judgment in practice as the twin aims of learning / William M. Sullivan
  • Assessment and evaluative studies as change agents in the academy / Ashley P. Finley
  • Fostering faculty leadership for sustainable change in the academy / Adrianna J. Kezar and Alice (Jill) N. Reich
  • Threshold concepts of teaching and learning that transform faculty practice (and the limits of individual change) / Kenneth R. Bain and Randall J. Bass
  • Financing change: priorities, resources, and community involvement / Kent John Chabotar
  • International perspectives on liberal education: an assessment in two parts: A. International insights on the essence of the liberal arts / Richard A. Detweiler
  • B. International perspectives on liberal education: Polish case example / Jerzy Axer
  • Implications of transformative change in higher education for secondary education: a dialogue / Daniel Tad Roach and Michael V. McGill
  • Do disciplines change? Would flipping the curriculum right-side up lead to change? / Thomas Bender
  • Liberal education and the policy landscape / Carol Geary Schneider and Debra Humphreys
  • Introduction to case studies / Ashley P. Finley
  • Public sphere pedagogy: connecting student work to public arenas--California State University, Chico / Thia Wolf and William M. Loker
  • Engaging faculty in learning communities: lessons learned--Dickinson College (Pennsylvania) / Shalom D. Staub
  • Curriculum infusion: educating the whole student and creating campus change--Georgetown University (Washington DC) / Joan B. Riley and Mindy McWilliams
  • Attempting organizational transformational learning from the ground up: lessons learned--Montclair State University (New Jersey) / Valerie I. Sessa
  • Implementation of peer-led team learning and a leadership initiative and establishment of a new faculty track as examples of institutional change--Morehouse College (Georgia) / Jann H. Adams and John K. Haynes
  • Listening to the agents of pedagogical change--St. Lawrence University (New York) / Catherine A. Crosby-Currie and Christine Zimmerman
  • An enduring experiment--the Evergreen State College (Washington) / Phyllis Lane and Elizabeth McHugh
  • Building the capacity to lead: lessons learned in the evolution of the leader development system--United States Military Academy at West Point (New York) / Bruce Keith
  • Building institutional capacity to forge civil pathways--University of Nebraska, Lincoln / Nancy D. Mitchell and Linda J. Major
  • Successful models and practices--Wagner College (New York) / Devorah A. Lieberman and Cassia Freedland.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 9781442206748
  • 1442206748
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  • LCCN: 2011020661
  • OCLC: 729721208
  • OCLC: 729721208

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