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The elections in Israel 2009

edited by Asher Arian and Michal Shamir.
  • New Brunswick, NJ : Transaction Publishers, 2011.
  • 1 online resource (306 pages)
  • part, 1 Shifts in the Political Map: Who Won, Who Lost?
  • chapter Introduction / Michal Shamir Asher Arian
  • chapter The Price of Fear: Israel Beiteinu in 2009 / Olena Bagno
  • chapter ́˜All That Is Left́™: The Demise of the Zionist Left Parties, 1992́“2009 / Ofir Abu Fany Yuval Ben-Porat Guy
  • chapter The Splintered Camp: Religious Zionist Parties in the 2009 Elections / Asher Cohen
  • chapter Turning Points in Palestinian Politics in Israel: The 2009 Elections / Nadim N. Rouhana Mtanes Shihadeh Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
  • chapter The Losers: Who Didń™t Make It into the Knesset? / Yael Yishai
  • part, 2 Candidates
  • chapter Chronicles of the Comeback that Was and the One that Almost Was / Shlomit Barnea
  • chapter Tzip(p)ing through the Elections: Gender in the 2009 Elections / Einat Gedalya Hanna Herzog Michal Shamir
  • chapter The Political Consequences of Candidate Selection to the 18th Knesset / Gideon Rahat
  • part, 3 Political Communication
  • chapter War on the Agenda: The Gaza Conflict and Communication in the 2009 Elections / Yariv Tsfati Tamir Sheafer Gabriel Weimann
  • chapter Just Like in America: New Media in the 18th Knesset Election Campaign 1 / Dan Caspi Eleanor Lev
  • chapter The Election Compass: Party Profiling and Voter Attitudes / Asher Arian Andr©♭ Krouwel Mark Pol Raphael Ventura.
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