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The social psychology of psychological research

Editor:Arhtur G. Miller.
  • New York, Free Press [©1972]
  • ix, 454 pages illustrations 21 cm.
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  • Dissenting views on research with human subjects:A humanistic revolution in psychology, by S. M. Jourard. Experimenter-subject dialogue: a paradigm for a humanistic science of psychology, by S. M. Jourard. The human subject in psychological research, by D. P. Schultz. Experimental social psychology:some sober questions about some frivolous values, by K. Ring. Some impending reorientations in social psychology:some thoughts provoked by Kenneth Ring, by W. J. McGuire.--A case study: Milgram's research on obedience: Some conditions of obedience and disobedience to authority, by S. Milgram.
  • Some thoughts on ethics of research: after reading Milgram's "Behavorial study of obedience," by D. Baumrind. Issues in the study of obedience a reply to Baumrind, by S. Milgram. On the ecological validity of laboratory deceptions, by M. T. Orne and C. H. Holland. Interpreting obedience: error and evidence (a reply to Orne and Holland), by S. Milgram.--The deception and debriefing dilemma: Human use of human subjects: the problem of deception in social psychological experiments, by H. C. Kelman.
  • defence of obedience research: an extension of the Kelman ethic, by T. J. Crawford. Role playing: an alternative to deception? By M. S. Greenberg. Role Playing: psychology by consensus, by J. L. Freeman. Effectiveness of debriefing following deception experiments, by E. Walster, E. Berscheid, D. Abrahams, and V. Aronson.
  • --Subject reactions to the psychological labortary: On the social psychology of the psychological experiments: with particular reference to demand characteristics and their implications, by M. T. Orne. When dissonance fails: On elimination evaluation apprehension from attitude measurement, by M. T. Rosenberg. The cooperative subject:myth or reality? By H. Sigall, E. Aronson, and T. Van Hoose.
  • Awareness, learning , and the beneficient subject as expert witness, by L. H. Levy. Social psychology of a classical conditioning of attitudes experiments, by M. M. Page. Experimental demand characterixtics and the classical conditioning of attitudes, by A. W. Staats. --Experimenter reactions to the psychological laboratory: Covert communication in the psychological experiment, by R. Rosenthal. Fact, fiction, and the experimenter-bias effect, by T. X. Barber and M. J. Silver.
  • Experimenter expectancy and the reassuring nature of the null hypothesis decision procedure, by R. Rosenthal. Self-fulfilling prophecies in the classroom: teachers' expectations as unintented determinants of pupils' intellectual competence, by R. Rosenthal and L. Jacobson.
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