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Jewish concepts of Scripture : a comparative introduction

edited by Benjamin D. Sommer.
  • New York : New York University Press, ©2012.
  • ix, 334 pages ; 23 cm
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  • Geschiedenis (vorm)
  • What do Jews think scripture is? How do the People of the Book conceive of the Book of Books? In what ways is it authoritative? Who has the right to interpret it? Is it divinely or humanly written? And have Jews always thought about the Bible in the same way? In seventeen cohesive and rigorously researched essays, this volume traces the way some of the most important Jewish thinkers throughout history have addressed these questions from the rabbinic era through the medieval Islamic world to modern Jewish scholarship. They address why different Jewish thinkers, writers, and communities have turned to the Bible--and what they expect to get from it. Ultimately, argues editor Benjamin D. Sommer, in understanding the ways Jews construct scripture, we begin to understand the ways Jews construct themselves.
  • Introduction : Scriptures in Jewish tradition, and traditions as Jewish scripture / Benjamin D. Sommer
  • Concepts of scripture in the synagogue service / Elsie Stern
  • Concepts of scripture in rabbinic Judaism : oral Torah and written Torah / Steven D. Fraade
  • Concepts of scripture in the schools of Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Ishmael / Azzan Yadin-Israel
  • Concepts of scriptural language in Midrash / Benjamin D. Sommer
  • Concepts of scripture among the Jews of the medieval Islamic world / Meira Polliack
  • Concepts of scripture in the School of Rashi / Robert A. Harris
  • Concepts of scripture in Maimonides / James A. Diamond
  • Concepts of scripture in Nahmanides / Aaron W. Hughes
  • Concepts of scripture in Jewish mysticism / Moshe Idel
  • Concepts of scripture in Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig / Jonathan Cohen
  • The Pentateuch as scripture and the challenge of biblical criticism : responses among modern Jewish thinkers and scholars / Baruch J. Schwartz
  • Concepts of scripture in Yehezkel Kaufmann / Job Y. Jindo
  • Concepts of scripture in Moshe Greenberg / Marc Zvi Brettler
  • Concepts of scripture in Mordechai Breuer / Shalom Carmy
  • Scripture and modern Israeli literature / Yael S. Feldman
  • Scripture and Israeli secular culture / Yair Zakovitch.
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