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Business Core

Business Core
Washington LRC Reserves

2. The Crash of 1929 Video/Film , DVD in English

presented by WGBH Boston, WNET/New York and KCET/Los Angeles ; a Middlemarch Films… 2009 .

On October 29, 1929 - Black Monday - large and small investors alike lost corporate and personal fortunes when the stock market crashed. This program examines the reasons behind the crash and whether the crash was predictable.
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5. Investments Book , Print in English

Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus. 2009 .

Bodie, Zvi.

6. Macroeconomics Book , Print in English

Stephen D. Williamson. 2018 .

Williamson, Stephen D.,

Introduction and measurement issues -- Introduction -- Measurement -- Business cycle measurement -- Basic macroeconomic models : a one-period model and models of search and unemployment -- Consumer and firm behavior : the work-leisure decision and profit maximization…

7. Research administration and management Book , Print in English

[edited by] Elliott C. Kulakowski, Lynne U. Chronister. 2006 .

Introduction: leadership and management of the research enterprise in the 21st century / by Lynne U. Chronister and Elliott C. Kulakowski -- The history of research administration / by Kenneth L. Beasley…
Robert Stine, Dean Foster. 2013 .

Stine, Robert A.

pt. ONE Variation -- 1. Introduction -- 1.1. What Is Statistics? -- 1.2. Previews -- 2. Data -- 2.1. Data Tables -- 2.2. Categorical and Numerical Data -- 2.3. Recoding and Aggregation -- 2.4. Time Series -- 2.5. Further Attributes of Data -- Chapter Summary…

9. Statistics for business and economics Book , Print in English

James T. McClave, P. George Benson, Terry Sincich. 2014 .

McClave, James T.

1. Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking -- 1.1. Science of Statistics -- 1.2. Types of Statistical Applications in Business -- 1.3. Fundamental Elements of Statistics -- 1.4. Processes (Optional) -- 1.5. Types of Data -- 1.6. Collecting Data: Sampling and Related Issues…