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ME:250.619, Genes to Society: Immunology

Schneck, Jonathan, 1/02-21/2014
SOM Reserve Collection
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1. Fundamental immunology Book , Online in English
editor, William E. Paul. 2013 .

2. The immune system Book , Print in English
Peter Parham. 2009 .

Parham, Peter. 1950-

"The Immune System, Third Edition emphasizes the human immune system and synthesizes immunological concepts into a comprehensible, up-to-date, and reader-friendly account of how the immune system works. Written for undergraduate, medical, dental, and pharmacy students in…
3. Janeway's immunobiology Book , Print in English
Kenneth Murphy ; with acknowledgment to Charles A. Janeway, Jr., Paul Travers, Mark… 2012 .

Murphy, Kenneth (Kenneth M.)

pt. I INTRODUCTION TO IMMUNO- BIOLOGY AND INNATE IMMUNITY -- ch. 1 Basic Concepts in Immunology -- Principles of innate and adaptive immunity -- 1-1. immune system recognizes infection and induces protective responses…