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100.248, Spring 2017

Kim, Yumi, Spring 2017
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With commentary by John Annarino and Bill Hume. 1953.

Hume, Bill, 1916-

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    NC1429.H85 A43 1953 c. 1
2. Barefoot Gen Book, Print in English
Keiji Nakazawa ; translated by Project Gen. 2003.

Nakazawa, Keiji.

In this graphic depiction of nuclear devastation, three survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima--Gen, his mother, and his baby sister--face rejection, hunger, and humiliation in their search for a place to live.
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    PN6790.J33 2003 c. 1
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4. Japan at war: an oral history Book, Print in English
Haruko Taya Cook and Theodore F. Cook. 1992.

Cook, Haruko Taya.

Pt. 1. An Undeclared War. 1. Battle Lines in China. A Village Boy Goes to War / Nohara Teishin. Pictures of an Expedition / Tanida Isamu. Qualifying as a Leader / Tominaga Shozo. Gas Soldier / Tanisuga Shizuo. 2. Toward a New Order. "War means jobs for machinists." / Kumagay…
Andrew Gordon, Harvard University. 2014.

Gordon, Andrew, 1952-

Overview: A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present paints a richly nuanced and strikingly original portrait of the last two centuries of Japanese history. It takes students from the days of the shogunate-the overlordship of the Tokugawa family-through the…
6. Multiethnic Japan Book, Print in English
7. Naomi Book, Print in English
Junichirō Tanizaki ; translated by Anthony H. Chambers. 2001.

Tanizaki, Jun'ichirō, 1886-1965

"Junichiro Tanizaki's Naomi is both a hilarious story of one man's obsession and a brilliant reckoning of a nation's cultural confusion. When twenty-eight-year-old Joji first lays eyes upon the teenage waitress Naomi, he is instantly smitten by her exotic, almost Western…
translated and edited, with an introduction by Mikiso Hane. 1988.

People's rights and national rights / Fukuda Hideko -- Reflections on the way to the gallows / Kanno Sugako -- The road to nihilism / Kaneko Fumiko -- The Sekirankai / Sakai Magara ... [et al.]…
Constantine Nomikos Vaporis. 2012.

Vaporis, Constantine Nomikos, 1957-

DOCUMENTS OF THE SHOGUN'S JAPAN -- Domestic Sphere -- 1. Getting Married: "Agreement Regarding a Dowry" (1815) -- 2. Obtaining a Divorce: An Appeal for Assistance (1850) and Letters of Divorce (1857, undated)…