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100.256, Spring 2017

Stewart, Simone, Spring 2017
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edited by Dagmar Herzog. 2009.

"Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century integrates military history with the histories of gender and sexuality in twentieth-century Europe. Wartime exigencies expose the contingency of both masculine and feminine gender roles. In a series of…
Antoinette Burton. 1994.

Burton, Antoinette M., 1961-

1. The Politics of Recovery: Historicizing Imperial Feminism, 1865-1915 -- 2. Woman in the Nation: Feminism, Race, and Empire in the "National" Culture -- 3. Female Emancipation and the Other Woman -- 4. Reading Indian Women: Feminist Periodicals and Imperial Identity…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    HQ 1593 .B871 1994 c. 1
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    HQ1593.B871 1994 c. 2
Judith R. Walkowitz. 1992.

Walkowitz, Judith R.

  • Eisenhower B Level
    HQ72.G7 W331 1992 c. 1
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    HQ72.G7 W331 1992 c. 3
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    HQ72.G7 W331 1992 c. 2
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 8, Welch Library
    HQ72.G7 W33 1992 c. 1
Pamela Haag. 1999.

Haag, Pamela.

Introduction: What Part of "No" Don't You Understand? -- Pt. I. Feudal to Classic Liberal Precedents -- 1. "Chastity Is Only Good for the Work It Can Do": Seduction, Consent and the Private Self -- 2. "Victim or Victimizer?" The Dilemma of Seduction in Classic Liberal Culture…
Gail Hershatter. 1997.

Hershatter, Gail.

Pt. I. Histories and Hierarchies. Ch. 1. Introduction: Knowing and Remembering. Ch. 2. Classifying and Counting -- Pt. II. Pleasures. Ch. 3. Rules of the House. Ch. 4. Affairs of the Heart. Ch. 5. Tricks of the Trade. Ch. 6. Careers…
edited by Lynn Hunt. 1993.

12. Lilja 4-ever: Lilya 4-ever Video/Film, DVD in Russian, Swedish
Memfis Film ; manus och regi, Lukas Moodysson ; producent, Lars Jonsson. 2002.

Sixteen year-old Lilya lives in desperate conditions in a derelict suburb of the former Soviet Union, abandoned by her mother. Her sole friend is eleven year-old Volodya. She is seduced by an older man and taken to Sweden to work as a prostitute. Volodya who has killed himself…
13. Memoirs of a woman of pleasure Book, Print in English
John Cleland ; edited with an introduction and notes by Peter Sabor. 1985.

Cleland, John, 1709-1789.

14. Memoirs of a woman of pleasure Book, Print in English
Introd. for modern readers by Peter Quennell. 1963.

Cleland, John, 1709-1789.

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    PR3348.C65 M45 1963 c. 1
15. My hustler Video/Film, DVD in English
My hustler: Experimental film in which an aging "queen" on Fire Island has rented a weekend companion from "Dial-a-Hustler," only to compete with his male and female neighbors for the young man's attention. I a man: "Sexploitation" feature film about a man's sexual encounters…
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1995.9.E96 M9 2005 c. 1
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Stephanie A. Limoncelli. 2010.

Limoncelli, Stephanie A.

Provides a historical, ethnographic account of the first movement to combat trafficking in women and girls for prostitution, initiated at an international congress in 1899, offering insights into gender and sexuality in global politics.
edited by Jessica Spector. 2006.

Introduction: Sex, money, and philosophy / Jessica Spector -- Critiques of the sex industry -- Duet : prostitution, racism, and feminist discourse / Vednita Carter and Evelina Giobbe -- Stripping as a system of prostitution / Christine Stark…
Philippa Levine. 2003.

Levine, Philippa.

While most agree that Contagious Diseases (CD) ordinances were put in place primarily to protect the health of British soldiers, a closer examination reveals that the laws were not just about the control of VD but also 'a conscious instrument of colonial dominance'.
Elisa Camiscioli. 2009.

Camiscioli, Elisa, 1967-

Embodiment and the nation -- Immigration, demography, and pronatalism -- Labor power and the racial economy -- Hybridity and its discontents -- Black migrants, white slavery : metissage in the metropole and abroad -- Intermarriage, independent nationality, and individual rights…
Donna J. Guy. 1991.

Guy, Donna J.

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    HQ 170 .B8 G891 1991 c. 1
Lisa Duggan and Nan D. Hunter. 2006.

Duggan, Lisa, 1954-

Introduction to 2005 edition / by Lisa Duggan -- Introduction to 1995 edition / by Lisa Duggan -- Contextualizing the sexuality debates: a chronology / by Nan D. Hunter -- Sexual dissent and representation -- Censorship in the name of feminism (1984) / Lisa Duggan…
edited by Roger Davidson and Lesley A. Hall. 2001.

note: 1. Syphilis and prostitution: a regulatory couplet in nineteenth-century France / Andrew Aisenberg -- 2. Passing the 'Black Judgement': Swedish social policy on venereal disease in the early twentieth century / Anna Lundberg…
  • Eisenhower C Level
    RA644.V4 S3675 2001 c. 1
  • Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 6, Welch Library
    RA644.V4 S3675 2001 c. 1
25. Shen nü Video/Film, DVD in Chinese, English
Lian hua ying ye qong si chu ping; Shanghai di yi zhi pian chang she zhi ; jian zhi, Luo… 1934.

A young woman can only support and educate her son by working as a prostitute in 1930's Shanghai. One of the rare films of famed Chinese star Ruan Lingyu.