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040.104, Spring 2017

Roller, Matthew, Spring 2017
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Sallust ; translated with an introduction and notes by A.J. Woodman. 2007.

Sallust, 86 B.C.-34 B.C.

"The earliest Roman historian with complete works to his name, Sallust (86-c. 35 B.C.) was a senator of the Roman Republic and younger contemporary of Cicero, Pompey and Julius Caesar. His Catilino's War tells of the conspiracy in 63 B.C. led by L. Sergius Catilino, who plotted…
translated by Audrey de Sélincourt ; with an introduction by R.M. Ogilvie ; and a… 1960.


"In Livy's epic history of Rome he unashamedly praised his country's virtues and urged against its excesses, in order to keep it great. He dedicated most of his life to writing some 142 volumes of history, the first five of which comprise The Early History of Rome." "With…
3. Hannibal's war: books twenty-one to thirty Book, Print in English
Livy ; translated by J.C. Yardley ; with an introduction and notes by Dexter Hoyos. 2006.


John C. Yardley and Dexter Hoyos (eds). 2016.


5. M. Butterfly Book, Online in English
edited by Sarah Shute 2002.

Hwang, David Henry, 1957-

Literature Online includes the KnowledgeNotes student guides, a unique collection of critical introductions to major literary works. These high-quality, peer-reviewed academic resources are tailored to the needs of literature students and serve as a complement to the guidance…
translated with an introd. by Ian Scott-Kilvert. 1965.


Coriolanus -- Fabius Maximus -- Marcellus -- Cato the Elder -- Tiberius Gracchus -- Gaius Gracchus -- Sertorius -- Brutus -- Mark Anthony.
7. A new history of French literature Online in English
edited by Denis Hollier ; with R. Howard Bloch ... [et al.]. 1994.

8. The nude: a study in ideal form Book, Print in English
[by] Kenneth Clark. 1972.

Clark, Kenneth, 1903-1983.

9. Plautus: four plays Book, Print in English
edited by David Christenson. 2008.

Plautus, Titus Maccius.

Casina -- Amphityron -- Captivi -- Pseudolus.
10. The rise of the Roman Empire Book, Print in English
Polybius ; Translated by Ian Scott-Kilvert, selected with introduction by F.W. Walbank 1979.


11. The Romans: from village to empire Book, Print in English
Mary T. Boatwright ... [et al.]. 2012.

1. Archaic Italy and the Origins of Rome -- Italy and the Mediterranean World -- Evidence -- Italy Before the City -- Greeks and Phoenicians in the Central Mediterranean -- Rise of Cities -- Beginning of Writing -- Appearance of an Elite -- Cities and Monumental Architecture…
12. Selected works Book, Print in English
Cicero ; translated with an introduction by Michael Grant. 1971.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius.

Against Verres I -- Twenty-three letters -- The second Philippic against Antony -- On duties III -- On old age.