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070.154, Spring 2017

Poole, Deborah, Spring 2017, Procupez, Valeria, Spring 2017
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Analyzes spatial history of 19th and early 20th century Mexico, particularly political uses of mapping and surveying, to demonstrate multiple ways that space can be negotiated in the service of local or national agendas.
John Pickles. 2004.

Pickles, John, 1960-

3. A history of the world in twelve maps Book, Print in English
Jerry Brotton. 2014.

Brotton, Jerry,

Argues that, far from being purely objective documents, maps are profoundly subjective expressions of the people who crate them and are intimately tied to the views and agendas of particular times and places.
Umberto Eco ; translated from the Italian by William Weaver. 1994.

Eco, Umberto.