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061.335, Spring 2017

Bucknell, Lucy, Spring 2017
MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. Alien quadrilogy: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection Video/Film, DVD in English, French
The complete story of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley's recurring battles with members of a parasitical extraterrestrial species.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1995.9.S26 A454 2014
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-4 in 2 containers
2. Cat people Video/Film, DVD in English
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. ; produced by Val Lewton ; written by DeWitt Bodeen ; directed… 2005.

Cat people: Irena Dubrovna, a beautiful and mysterious Serbian-born fashion artist living in New York City, falls in love with and marries average-Joe American Oliver Reed. Their marriage suffers though, as Irena believes that she suffers from an ancient curse- whenever…
3. The exorcist Video/Film, DVD in English
Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; a William Friedkin film ; directed by William Friedkin… 1973.

Actress Chris MacNeil becomes increasingly disturbed by the inexplicable behavior of her 12-year-old daughter Regan--mouthing obscenities, predicting the murder of one of Chris's friends, and urinating in public. Doctors and psychologists have no explanation and as a last option,…
  • Friedheim -- AV Stacks - OASIS Collection
    OASIS DVD c. 1
    • Circulation limited to Peabody Conservatory students, faculty and staff.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk
    PS3552.L392E96 2000 c. 2
5. Forbidden planet Video/Film, DVD in English
Metro Goldwyn Mayer. 1956.

The far-off star Altair-IV, occupied by two lone inhabitants and Robby the Robot, is visited by a search party from Earth.
6. Frankenstein: the man who made a monster Video/Film, DVD in English
Universal Pictures Corporation ; produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. ; screenplay, Garrett… 1931.

Dr. Frankenstein dares to tamper with life and death by creating a human monster in his laboratory but his dreams of perfection are thwarted when the monster becomes an uncontrollable beast.
7. Gojira: Godzilla Video/Film, DVD in Japanese
Toho Co., Ltd. ; director, Ishiro Honda. 2006.

Testing of nuclear weapons over the Pacific Ocean triggers the awakening of a 400-foot, fire-breathing prehistoric lizard who begins to wreak havoc on the city of Tokyo.
8. The horror film: an introduction Book, Print in English
Rick Worland. 2007.

Worland, Rick.

1. Introduction : undying monsters -- 2. short history of the horror film : beginnings to 1945 -- 3. short history of the horror film : 1945 to the present -- 4. Monsters among us : cases of social reception…
9. Horror of Dracula Video/Film, DVD in English
Warner Bros. Pictures ; a Hammer Film Production ; screenplay by Jimmy Sangster ;… 1958.

Jonathan Harker travels to Count Dracula's castle to act as his librarian. Harker--actually there to try to kill Dracula--is first attacked by Dracula's female companion, then killed by the Count himself. Harker's friend, Dr Van Helsing, arrives to investigate his disappearance…
10. An illustrated history of the horror films Book, Print in English
by Carlos Clarens. 1967.

Clarens, Carlos.

11. Invasion of the body snatchers Video/Film, DVD in English, Spanish, Italian
Republic Pictures ; Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents ; screenplay by Daniel… 1956.

Plant-like extraterrestrials have invaded Santa Mira, a small town in California, replicating the villagers in giant seed "pods" and taking possession of their souls while they sleep. In a race for his life, Dr. Bennell escapes to warn the world of the deadly invasion of the pod…
12. Jaws Video/Film, DVD in English, French, Spanish
Universal Pictures ; produced by Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown ; screenplay by Peter… 2005.

The 30th anniversary edition of the classic 'I'm-Never-Going-In-The-Water-Again' story of a killer shark that has taken over the waters near a seaside community, and the three men who set out to kill it.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PS3552.E537J320 2005 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in 1 container
13. King Kong Video/Film, DVD in English
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. ; producers, Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack ; story,… 1933.

Carl Denham, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, leads an expedition to Skull Island, a place where time has stood still. The natives pay homage to the one whom they revere as "Kong," and who is, indeed, king of the island. Denham, together with his beautiful starlet, Ann Darrow, and…
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1997.K436 2005 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in one container
14. Night of the living dead Video/Film, DVD in English
an Image Ten production ; produced by Russell Streiner; screenplay by John A. Russo ;… 1968.

A simple, peaceful countryside is being terrorized by killer zombies with only one thing on their minds--destroy all humans. A small stronghold of survivors must hold the zombies at bay outside an old, abandoned house for any future hope of humanity.
15. Psycho Video/Film, DVD in English
Paramount ; screenplay by Joseph Stefano ; director of photography, John L. Russell ;… 1960.

Hitchcock's classic film about the troubled Norman Bates whose old dark house and adjoining motel offer a supposed refuge for Marion Crane, the ill-fated traveler.
16. The Rocky Horror picture show Video/Film, Print, DVD in English
Twentieth Century Fox presents a Lou Adler-Michael White production ; screenplay by Jim… 2002.

A mixture of fantastical rock opera and horror movie spoof. A couple of ordinary kids have car trouble one dark and rainy night and knock on the door of a looming gothic mansion. They are stunned to learn that they have stumbled into an ongoing convention of kinky characters,…
17. Rosemary's baby Video/Film, DVD in English
Paramount ; a William Castle production ; produced by William Castle ; written for the… 1968.

Based on Ira Levin's bestselling novel, Mia Farrow plays "a young mother-to-be who grows increasingly suspicious that her over-friendly elderly neighbors and self-involved actor husband are hatching a satanic plot against her and her baby."
18. The Texas chain saw massacre Video/Film, DVD in English
a film by Tobe Hooper ; story and screenplay by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper ; produced… 2006.

One summer afternoon in rural Texas, five young friends hear reports of grave robbing and set out to check on a family grave. Soon after, one-by-one they wander into the murderous clutches of Leatherface.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk
    PN1995.9.H6T4937 2006 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in one container
19. Them! Video/Film, DVD in English
Warner Bros. Pictures. 2002.

Man has split the atom and created the ultimate weapon. But how could he have known he would also create Them!? The terror begins when a hard-nosed patrolman (James Whitmore) discovers a dazed child wandering in the New Mexico desert near a car and house trailer destroyed by a…
20. The thing from another world Video/Film, DVD in English
RKO Pictures, Inc. presents Howard Hawks' production ; directed by Christian Nyby. 1951.

A team of scientists, investigating a magnetic disturbance near the North Pole, discovers a disc-shaped object and some sort of man-like creature frozen beneath the ice.
21. Under the skin Video/Film, DVD in English
A24 ; Film4 and BFI present in association with Silver Reel ; in association with… 2013.

An existential, experimental science fiction film with erotic overtones that journeys to the heart of what it means to be human in which an alien in the form of a voluptuous young woman prowls the streets of Scotland in search of isolated lonely and unsuspecting men whom she…
22. Les yeux sans visage: Eyes without a face Video/Film, DVD in French
directed by Georges Franju ; screenplay adaptation by writers Pierre Boileau and Thomas… 2004.

A plastic surgeon, holed up in a Paris mansion, is obsessively slicing off the faces of kidnapped women and grafting the flayed skin onto the rotting countenance of his beloved young daughter, disfigured in an automobile accident.