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texts by Ernst J. Grube ... [et al.] ; edited by George Michell. 1995.

Sheila S. Blair and Jonathan M. Bloom. 1994.

Blair, Sheila.

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    PT7733.B54 1994 QUARTO c. 1
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    N6260.B56 1994 QUARTO c. 1
  • Eisenhower D Level
    PT 7733 .B54 1994 QUARTO c. 1
3. Art history in the wake of the global turn Book, Print in English
edited by Jill H. Casid and Aruna D'Souza. 2014.

With globalisation steadily reshaping the cultural landscape, scholars have long called for a full-scale reassessment of art history's largely Eurocentric framework. This collection of case studies and essays, the latest in the Clark Studies in the Visual Arts series, brings…
4. Cultural exchange in early modern Europe Book, Print in English
general editor, Robert Muchembled ; associate editor, William Monter. 2006.

v. 1. Religion and cultural exchange in Europe, 1400-1700 / edited by Heinz Schilling and István György Tóth -- v. 2. Cities and cultural exchange in Europe, 1400-1700 / edited by Donatella Calabi and Stephen Turk Christensen…
Forging truth in Medieval England -- Forging a past: the Sibylline books and the making of Rome -- Forging Czechs: the reinvention of national identity in the Bohemian lands -- Eclectic fabrication: St. Petersburg and the problem of Imperial architectural style…
Zeynep Çelik. 1992.

Çelik, Zeynep.

Muslim visitors to world's fairs -- Islamic quarters in western cities -- Search for identity: architecture of national pavilions -- Exposition fever carried East -- The impact.
9. Islamic art Journal/Newspaper, Print in English
10. Islamic art and architecture, 650-1250 Book, Print in English
Richard Ettinghausen, Oleg Grabar, Marilyn Jenkins-Madina. 2001.

Ettinghausen, Richard

edited by Benoît Junot ... [et al.] 2012.

1. Role of the Museum in the Study and Knowledge of Islamic Art / Oleg Grabar -- 2. Concert of Things: Thoughts on Objects of Islamic Art in the Museum Context / Stefan Weber -- REPRESENTATIONS OF ISLAMIC ART…
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    N6260 .I749 2012 c. 1
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    N6260 .I749 2012 c. 2
edited by Doris Behrens-Abouseif and Stephen Vernoit. 2006.

historical introduction to the nineteenth century : trends and influences / Benjamin C. Forina -- visual arts in nineteenth-century Muslim thought / Stephen Vernoit -- Nineteenth-century Ottoman funerary architecture : from innovation to eclecticism / Mehmet Baha Tanman…
Mary Roberts. 2015.

Roberts, Mary, 1965-

"A vibrant artistic milieu emerged in the late-nineteenth century Istanbul that was extremely heterogeneous, including Ottoman, Ottoman-Armenian, French, Italian, British, Polish and Ottoman-Greek artists. Roberts analyzes the ways artistic output intersected with the broader…
14. Muqarnas: Muqarnas Journal/Newspaper, Print in English
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    N6260.M83 c. 1
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    • v.1(1983)-v.20(2003),
    • v.22(2005)-v.26(2006);
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    N6260.M83 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • v.21(2014),
    • v.27(2010)-v.33(2016)
Art and Islam -- Royal patronage of the arts -- Art in the home -- Interaction.
16. Orientalism Book, Print in English
Edward W. Said ; [with a new preface by the author]. 2003.

Said, Edward W.

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    DS12.S23 2003 c. 1
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17. Orientalism: history, theory, and the arts Book, Print in English
1. The 'Orientalism' debate -- 2. The Orient and culture and imperialism -- 3. Orientalism in art -- 4. Orientalism in architecture -- 5. Orientalism in design -- 6. Orientalism in music -- 7. Orientalism in the theatre.
18. Orientalism revisited: art, land and voyage Book, Print in English
edited by Ian Richard Netton. 2012.

The publication of Edward Said's Orientalism in 1978 marks the inception of orientalism as a discourse. Since then, Orientalism has remained highly polemical and has become a widely employed epistemological tool. Three decades on, this volume sets out to survey, analyse and…
edited by Jill Beaulieu and Mary Roberts. 2002.

"Until now, Orientalist art - exemplified by paintings of harems, slave markets, or bazaars - has predominantly been understood to reflect Western interpretations and to perpetuate reductive, often demeaning stereotypes of the exotic East. Orientalism's Interlocutors contests the…
20. Ottoman costumes: from textile to identity Book, Print in English
edited by Suraiya Faroqhi and Christoph K. Neumann. 2004.

The study of clothes and dressing has great potential for social and cultural history. Typically Ottoman urbanites situated their fellow men after a glance at the clothing worn by the latter. As to the women, such conclusions were more difficult to draw, as all females were to be…
Wendy M. K. Shaw. 2011.

Shaw, Wendy M. K., 1970-

Introduction: the translation of art -- From old niches to new paintings -- Digesting Western art: the academy and realism -- A new world of art -- Art goes public -- Ten long years of war -- Art for a new nation.
Tim Stanley with Mariam Rosser-Owen and Stephen Vernoit. 2004.

Victoria and Albert Museum.

edited by Layla S. Diba, with Maryam Ekhtiar ; with essays by B.W. Robinson [and others]. 1998.

Iranian art of the Qajar period (1779-1925) has long been neglected and is little understood. This beautifully illustrated book for the first time comprehensively examines the flowering of Persian painting and the visual arts of this period. It focuses on the growth of a…
25. Silk & stone: the art of Asia Book, Print in English
[editor, Jill Tilden]. 1996.

Monuments of the Deccan / George Michell with photographs by Antonio Martelli -- The Royal murals of Rajasthan / Joachim Bautze -- The Message of misfortune : words and images in Saʻdi's Gulistan / Robert Hillenbrand…
26. Venice and the Islamic world, 828-1797 Book, Print in English
edited by Stefano Carboni. 2007.

Introduction : moments of vision : Venice and the Islamic world, 828-1797 / Stefano Carboni -- Venice and the Turks / Jean-Claude Hocquett -- Venice and the Islamic world in light of archival documents / Giovanni Curatola -- Venice as an "Eastern city" / Deborah Howard…