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010.637, Spring 2017

Rustem, U., Spring 2017
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Gülru Necipoğlu ; atchitectural drawings and photographs of Sinan's works by Arben A.… 2005.

Necipoğlu, Gülru.

By Ahmet A. Ersoy. 2015.

Ersoy, Ahmet.

note: 1. Ottoman Things: Empire and Exoticism at the Vienna World Exhibition -- 2. Cosmopolitan Commitments: Artistic Networks and the Invention of Authenticity -- 3. Recanonizing Tradition: The "Fundamentals" of Ottoman Architecture…
Gülru Necipoğlu. 1991.

Necipoğlu, Gülru.

"The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries marked the height of Ottoman rule in Istanbul. During this period, the Topkapi Palace served as both royal residence and the seat of imperial administration. By solving long-standing mysteries about this once most celebrated of all Islamic…
yayıma hazırlayan = edited by Hasan Kuruyazıcı ; translation, Nazim Hi̇̇kmet Richard… 2016.

Architecture, Armenian; Istanbul (Turkey); architecture; history; exhibitions.
Çiğdem Kafescioğlu. 2009.

Kafescioğlu, Çiğdem.

"Studies the reconstruction of Byzantine Constantinople as the capital city of the Ottoman empire following its capture in 1453, delineating the complex interplay of socio-political, architectural, visual, and literary processes that underlay the city's transformation"--Provided…
edited by Cânâ Bilsel [and others]. 2010.

edited by Donald Quataert. 2000.

"Tracing a host of topics relating to consumption, this book describes and analyzes the rise of mass fashion dress, changing fashions in clothing, the transcultural significance of tulip consumption, the rise of print advertising, the use of food as a marker of elite status, and…
herausgegeben von Sabine Prätor & Christoph K. Neumann = Arts, women and scholars :… 2002.

translated and annotated by Howard Crane. 2000.

Hafız Hüseyin Ayvansarayî, -1786 or 1787.

"This is an annotated translation of what is perhaps the most important Ottoman literary source for the Islamic monuments of the Ottoman capital, Istanbul: Hafiz Huseyin bin Ismail Ayvansarayi's Hadikat al-Cevami (The Garden of Mosques). Long recognized by Turkish scholars as a…
13. A history of Ottoman architecture Book, Print in English
John Freely ; photographs by Anthony E. Baker. 2011.

Freely, John.

This text is focused on the history of the extant buildings in the Republic of Turkey. The book begins with a brief history of the Ottoman Empire and develops by outlining the mains features of Ottoman architecture and discusses the biography of the great Ottoman architect Sinan.
14. A history of Ottoman architecture Book, Print in English
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    NA1364 .G6 1971 Q c. 1
Cilt 1. Temel bilimler tarihi = Vol. 1. History of basic sciences -- Cilt 2. Tıp-diş hekimliği-eczacılık tarihi = Vol. 2 History of Medicine-pharmacy dental medicine -- Cilt 3. Yapı teknolojisi-mühendislik tarihi = Vol. 3. History of engineering-building technology…
Esin Atıl. 1999.

Atıl, Esin.

"Levni's pictorial narrative of the Surname-i Vehbi, poet Vehbi's account of a festival organized in 1720 to commemorate the circumcision of four sons of Sultan Ahmed III, is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces of Ottoman art and possibly the last great example of illustrated…
Sibel Bozdoğan. 2001.

Bozdoğan, Sibel.

"With the proclamation of the Turkish republic by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923, Turkey's political and intellectual elites attempted to forge from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire a thoroughly modern, secular, European nation-state. Among many other public expressions of this…
Henry Matthews. 2010.

Matthews, Henry.

Islamic Religion / Dr M. Numan Malkoç -- Visiting Mosques / Dr M. Numan Malkoç -- Traditions of Islamic Architecture / Dr M. Numan Malkoç -- Ottoman Empire / Dr M. Numan Malkoç -- 1. Alâeddin Camii, Bursa, 1335 / Dr M. Numan Malkoç…
Caroline Finkel. 2005.

Finkel, Caroline,

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and most influential empires in world history. Its reach extended to three continents and it survived for more than six centuries, but its history is too often colored by the memory of its bloody final throes on the battlefields of World…
[texte français par Marie de Launay ; editör Selman Soydemir, Osman Doğan ;… 2015.

Launay, Marie de,

21. Ottoman architecture Book, Print in English
Doğan Kuban ; translated by Adair Mill ; photography by Cemal Emden. 2010.

Kuban, Doğan.

edited by Dana Sajdi. 2007.

Tulips and coffee are defining cultural products of the Ottoman eighteenth century, along with their related institutions of palace and coffeehouse. These cultural products hold multiple meanings in the history and historiography of the period. They are associated with the daily…
24. Rethinking architectural historiography Book, Print in English
edited by Dana Arnold, Elvan Altan Ergut and Belgin Turan Özkaya. 2006.

This text reflects upon the changes in historiographical practice, exploring potential openings that may contribute further transformation of the disciplines and theories on architectural historiography, and addresses the question of the disciplinary particularity of…
25. Rethinking the Baroque Book, Print in English
edited by Helen Hills. 2011.

Scholars from a range of disciplines retrieve the term 'baroque' from the margins of art history where it has been sidelines as 'anachronistic', to reconsider the usefulness of the term 'baroque', while avoiding simply rehearsing familiar policing of periodization, stylistic…
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    N6415.B3 R48 2011 c. 1
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27. Seventh International Congress of Turkish Art Book, Print, Conference in English, French, German, Russian
28. Si̇nan's autobiographies: five sixteenth-century texts Book, Print in English, Turkish
introductory notes, critical editions and translations by Howard Crane and Esra Akin ;… 2014.

Sinan, Mimar, 1489 or 1490-1588.

Synopsis of relationshlps between Texts and Manuscripts -- Works cited -- Adsiz Risale = Untitled treatise -- Risaletü'l-mimariyye = Treatise on architecture -- Tuhfetü'l-mimarin = Choice gift of the architects -- Tezkiretü'l-ebniye = Record of buildings…
31. The universal Baroque Book, Print in English
Peter Davidson. 2007.

Davidson, Peter, 1957-

British baroque -- Hybridity; mestizaje; cultural bilinguality -- The shape of the baroque world: learning the baroque -- Epilogue.
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    CB401.D38 2007 c. 1
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32. The world of Ottoman art Book, Print in English
Michael Levey. 1975.

Levey, Michael.